10 Humorous Comparisons of Family Life: Expectation vs. Reality

4Breakfast with the family

Breakfast means the beginning of the day with love and support of your closest loved ones and what best way is to share with your family. Where you dream of a pristine kitchen with a wife and kid eating and feeding each other, but in reality having breakfast with a toddler is anything but pristine with food being flung high on the ceiling or being gurgled on your once pristine shirt and face painted with baby food like war paint.

Breakfast with the family

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5A family walk

Couples dream of having a peaceful walk in sunny, serene grassy parks with their 2.5 kids (0.5 indicates the lovely pet). Frolicking in the knolls and grassy hills, this makes you content watching the kids run along while you sit with your partner hands in hands soaking the bliss of a family.

family walk

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But, in reality the family walk resembles more like an amusement park or theme park walk because when you enter your home with oversized glasses, clown costumes, 30 balloons, pasty tiaras on your wives’ and daughters head and your son dressed as a cowboy! Wow if that’s not a detour from your and dreams then nothing else but the fun and enjoyment remains.

Family walk expectation vs reality

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6An evening without the kids

The thought itself creates images of all the romantic and naughty things you can do with each other which otherwise it is not possible with your drooling kids hovering around. You dream of a steamy night but in reality, most of the couple prefer taking a breather and rather relaxing watching a movie or reading a book or simply warming up their feet in front of the fire and just talking which in a way is more romantic and soul bonding than anything else.


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