14 Comical Scenarios to Show How We Men and Women Are So Different

11How we see the colors

Men are not color blind but they are not as perceptive about the various shades of the basic colors as women are. Where women can make out 6 different variations in the shades of pink or green for men they would all just be pink or green and no more than that.

How we see the colors

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12Looking in the mirror

Women would always self deprecate herself no matter how pretty or perfect and would find millions of flaws in herself while looking at her reflection. While a man who is nowhere near perfection himself and is an average Joe would have no qualms about admiring himself as he finds himself perfect.

Looking in the mirror

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13Wardrobe limitations

A lady might have a full closet of clothes and shoes but still weep every morning before going to work or a party that she has nothing to wear which is good enough reason for her to buy even more clothes and shoes while on the other hand, a man’s closet would be near empty with just a sweatshirt, a pair of sneakers and few underwear and he would be well satisfied with his garb for a week!

Wardrobe limitations

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14Getting ready for a party together

A lady would start off with her plans for the dress and hairdo and then go for a shower and shampoo while the guy might be in his boxers playing games on the x- box. She would be struggling to select a dress and get herself to fit in it after an hour, while the guy is still on his game. After 2 hrs the guy is already dressed up and ready to start the car while girl complains that she is still not done with her nail or makeup yet…so frustrating!

Getting ready for a party together

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