14 Comical Scenarios to Show How We Men and Women Are So Different

6Social networking

This is bit sad for all the men out there but true. If both the genders are active on Facebook and open their accounts after a month maybe to check how many people have missed them or messaged them there is a fantastic difference in response.

Social networking

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7Sharing a bed space

Well it’s not really sharing when it comes to sleeping on the same bed among couples because this is exactly what happens. The lion’s share goes to the woman while men are left with just 25% of the space to sleep as they are pushed and shoved to the corner if not the floor through the night by their fairer partner.

Sharing a bed space

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8Workstations and desktops

A man’s study or workstation at the office is usually a mess. With files books, ledgers and even food items, all piled up on the desk. Though they call it an “organized mess”, it is nothing but a “MESS”. On the other hand, a women’s workstation would be immaculately organized and clean.


The computer home screen is a different story though. A man’s home screen would almost be empty with the just the basic icons but a ladies desktop would be a complete horror show with all conceivable shortcuts, icons ever used saved right on the desktop with no space left for a single more folder on the screen.

Workstations and desktops

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9Shopping for shampoo

Something as simple as buying a shampoo is no less than a biological research for women before they actually buy a bottle. They consider the brand name, price, color, effect on hair, friends, reviews, even the shape and size of the bottle before making the plunge. While a man just picks up any random bottle from the superstore rack just because it had “shampoo “written on it!

Shopping for shampoo

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10When a couple watches a pretty girl passing by they see:

Well the lady would definitely notice the dress and the hair makeup and would mentally give her critical or appreciative reviews while the man would look appreciatively alright but not at the dress at all but the figure of the girl minus the dress and would be never critical of her at all.

Pretty girl passing by they see

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