14 Comical Scenarios to Show How We Men and Women Are So Different

It’s true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. When it comes to daily habits, lifestyle and routines, men and women are completely different. We all have our own quirks and whims and are really different than each other but still, somehow the world would not be the same if any of the genders were to be left without the other. The way men do things at work or home will never be the same and it can be seen from a humorous perspective too. Here are some hilarious illustrations which would prove this ancient but true fact to the hilt.


1Having a trip to the hair dresser

Men go for a haircut and come out looking a new person altogether in just 50$ but if a lady goes in for a haircut she would just come looking practically looking the same with some minor changes and the bill would be a gawking 500$!!

Having a trip to the hair dresser

Image Source: worldoftatoos.com


2Post breakup scenarios

Breaking up a relation is very hard for a lady and she is crushed at least initially whereas the man feels free of shackles. But things start changing for both in time when the girl starts healing while the guy realizes the first shock as reality hits him. Finally, by the end of the month, the boy is in depression and in a misery drowning his sorrows in whisky while the lady has truly moved on and is free as a bird by that time.

Post breakup scenarios

Image Source: pics.me.me


3Waiting for the turn for the public loo

This social scene can show the glaring difference between a lady and a man. Ladies instinctively line up in a civilized manner waiting for their turn to go to the loo. While men will have no patience at all and instead run looking for a tree or any dark corner to finish their business as soon as possible.

Waiting for the turn for the public loo

Image Source: tuzlanski.ba


4Getting ready for work

This is yet again a daily scenario for both genders but there is a heaven and earth’s difference in how the 2 genders actually go about it. Men just get up rush to the loo, freshen up, have a quick shave and start dressing for work and they are good to go in 10 minutes! While a girl would get up from her slumber and finishes her ablutions, starts off with her makeup and finish off with dressing meticulously and be ready for work. Time elapsed – 2.5 hrs!!!

Getting ready for work

Image Source: nouw.com


5Packing for vacation

Packing a suitcase is an ordeal and nightmare for women who may plan a month in advance. She will make different lists of stuff, try to pack the whole country in her bags and then she remembers at the last moment that she’s forgotten something. A man usually starts his packing just a few minutes before getting ready to leave and starts off with the most important stuff, packs light and is ready to go in 5 minutes!

Packing for vacation

Image Source: www.mynd.nu


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