15 Children Who Look Like A Copy-Paste Version Of Their Parents

We know that we get our looks from our parents, be it good or bad. But some people hit the gene jackpot and look like carbon copies of their parents. Science has not yet figured out why this happens. Why do some people inherit some aspects of their parents’ looks while others look like a copy-paste version of their parents? Today, we are going to see some children who look so similar to their parents that they could easily be long lost twins.


1Father and best friends vs. his son and his friend’s son

This is a great image that shows genes don’t just get passed down in a select few families. It can happen to anyone. The top image is of a man and his best friend and the bottom one is their sons’ image taken 30 years later. And we have to say both boys look identical to their fathers.

Best friends vs. his son

Image Source: fishki.net


2Daughter vs. her father

Most people think that girls take after their mothers while sons take after their fathers but here is an image comparing a daughter to her father and they look so similar. The daughter’s photo was taken when she was 20 and the father’s photo is of when he was 18 and they look so similar to each other.

Daughter vs. her father

Image Source: www.gazeta-shqip.com


3This looks like the same person

This is another instance where the son looks like a carbon copy of the father. The hair, the glasses, and the nose all look the same in both images. Had the son worn a suit and shaved, he would’ve looked like a colorized image of his father. This is incredible and goes to show how some people can be a clone of their parents.

This looks like the same person

Image Source: www.gazeta-shqip.com


4Father in 1980s vs. son in present-day

Another great example, where the child is just a clone of their parent. The first photo is the father’s 1980s passport photo and the one beside him is his youngest son’s present-day photo. They look the same although the son’s face is a bit chubbier than the father’s.

Father in 1980s vs. son in present-day

Image Source: www.albeu.com


51972 vs. 2000

This is a great example of good hair genes being passed down. Just look how incredible their hair looks. The luscious locks from 1972 have been passed down to 2000. This goes to show that we all inherit something from our parents. While many of us do not look identical to them we still do have features similar to them.

1972 vs. 2000

Image Source: .redd.it


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