Celebrities Whose Life-Changing Principles Turn This World Into A Better Place

Being a celebrity, it’s never easy for them to speak effusively on social debate and issues. While most of them try to keep themselves away from getting into any social issues, some celebrities showed the world that they too change this world. Because they have busy schedules and no privacy, it’s amazing to know some celebrities who use their names and platforms to positively impact the world.


In this article, we are going to tell you about some extraordinary superstars whose life-changing principles turn this world into a better place:

1Keanu Reeves secretly funds hospitals

Keanu Reeves is considered the internet’s favorite man in the world, and there are several reasons. Keanu Reeves funds cancer hospitals. And he is also assisting in the diagnosis of sick children. Keanu likes to give back to the world. According to some reports, Keanu Reeves usually donates some of his salary for social work. He openly admits that money is the last thing on his mind and he wants to use it for good. That’s certainly a life-changing principle.

Keanu Reeves secretly funds hospitals

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2Benedict Cumberbatch wants equality in Hollywood

The concept of racial and gender inequality is not a new thing in Hollywood. Thankfully, there is someone who can’t tolerate it and has decided to take serious actions against it. It’s none other than Benedict Cumberbatch. He’s someone who not only speaks on these issues but also does something serious about them. Doctor Strange and Sherlock Fame Benedict Cumberbatch have refused to work in film projects where his female counterparts will not receive the same pay. Besides, he has urged the film industry to refuse to work on projects in which female actors get lower salaries than their male counterparts.

Benedict Cumberbatch wants equality in Hollywood

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3Ricky Gervais works for animal welfare

Talking about the betterment of animals, Ricky Gervais is the name who is constantly embracing great things for animals. We can evaluate how much he loves animals because he once had the revelation that he’s ready to leave his entire fortune to the animal charity. He never misses an opportunity to call out Hollywood for its inequality and hypocrisy in his own, entertaining way. Some reports even say that he has become the voice of animals. Ricky wrote a letter to then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, urging him to rest the use of black bear fur for foot guards.

Ricky Gervais works for animal welfare

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4Megan Fox raised her children without any gender differences

Megan Fox is the one who thinks that children should not fit into the gender roles that society has set for them. She even lets her son wear pink clothes to school to prove her point. Megan admits that his look rears some eyebrows, but she doesn’t care for them much. And she is trying her level best so that her children feel more confident. “If a boy loves princesses and a girl loves baseball, that’s not indicative of their sexuality,” Megan fox expressed.

Megan Fox raised her children without any gender differences

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5Kesha fulfills the official duties of LGBTQ+ weddings

American singer-songwriter, Kesha, is openly bisexual. And she stands up for the LGBTQ community. Kesha is the one who usually portrays characters of different sexual inclinations in her music videos. Apart from these things, she is helping with weddings for people of the same community. Most of her music videos are concerned about the same subject, and she wants to work further for the LGBTQ+ society. That’s a completely great thing from Kesha.

Kesha fulfills the official duties of LGBTQ + weddings

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