10 Reasons why Cartoon Network should stop making cartoons and RIP

When cartoon network first exploded on home televisions, kids and adults alike were delighted. Who can ever forget that golden era of your favorite Tom and Jerry and then subsequently for the 90’s generation it was Scooby Doo, Dexter, Johnny Bravo, Flintstones and so many more. That was the rocking Yabba Dabba Doo times of cartoon network.


Cartoon network should stop making cartoons judging by the recent fare on television. What was once a network of fantastic quality is now on a downslide with shows that make no sense and can neither be considered entertainment for children? Here are the 9 reasons why cartoon network should stop making cartoons.

1 An identity crisis in 2000

Most of cartoon network popular shows were being featured on Boomerang, its sister network. So where did that leave cartoon network? It lost valuable TRP and USP among followers.

cartoon network popular shows

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2 New cartoons inspired from reality shows

Total Drama Island and 6teen were the worst examples.


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3 Cartoon Network soon became like Disney Channel and Nickelodeon

The channel also started a sports show called hall of Fame Game awards. It was hosted by Tony Hawk on Feb 25th 2011. Seriously!! Who wanted gaming, we wanted cartoons!!

Disney Channel and Nickelodeo

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4 Favorite cartoons were replaced by live-action shows

This was deplorable. Instead of our prime time cartoons, we were made to endure, Destroy build Destroy, Dude, What would happen and Tower Prep.


live-action shows

5 Cartoon Network lacks in good quality original content

Nowadays, the same old stuff like transformer, dragon hunters, JLA, Jackie Chan adventures and DreamWorks Dragons are being aired on the network.

Cartoon Network lacks in good quality

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6 The Canadian comedy series Really Me is being featuring on Cartoon Network

Currently the Canadian sitcom really me is being shown on Cartoon Network. Now why would a cartoon show air sitcoms. Where is the sense in that?

The Canadian comedy series

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7 Cartoon Networks USP was its amazing cartoon content 24×7

Cartoons in the nineties were hilarious and kids loved it.

Cartoon Networks USP

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8 Now it’s Ben 10 which is the favorite cartoon of kids

Where have all the amazing cartoon shows disappeared? The ones we loved watching in the nineties. Bring back Johnny bravo, let’s see Bedrock and power puff girls.

cartoon of kids ben 10

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9 The man responsible for the networks success resigned

Jim Samples the man responsible for cartoon network’s phenomenal success from day one resigned on 7th February 2007. He felt morally responsible for a botched up event involving Adult swim’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force marketing campaign that ended in a misunderstanding that brought the Boston Police department down on the event because of a bomb scare. Ever since then the network has never been the same.

Jim Samples

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10 One last message for cartoon network. RIP!

Since the channel has completely lost it, it’s time that cartoon network should stop period! Let’s design a suitable epitaph and say the final RIP.

last message for cartoon network

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