17 Genius Camera Hacks That Will Make You A Professional Photographer

We have to remember one thing that photography is an art and a person can learn it more by practicing it and by experimenting new things. Some small changes that you make while clicking photos can bring big changes in the end result and today we are going to tell you some very simple photography hacks which can help a beginner click photos like a professional. The best part is that all these hacks are very cost effective and most of the items will be present in your home already. You can use these hacks with your camera and if you don’t have one, you can try them with your smartphones too.


1 Create a beautiful background

A beautiful background makes a photo more awesome and by using cardboards and a cloth, you can give your photo a professional touch. Place two white cardboards in 90-degree angle and then place the cloth like in the photo, sticking one side with the duct tape. You can use cloths of different design and color depending on your requirement. Place the product on the cloth and take photos, this is really a good hack for product photography.

How to Create a beautiful background

Image Source: sohucs.com


2Take overhead shots

For taking some good overhead shots, stick a cardboard on the roof with the painter tape and place your phone after downloading a self-timer app. As the phone will be on self-timer app, it will keep clicking; you just need to give some mind-blowing poses. Such photos will definitely increase your popularity on Instagram to a great extent.

Take overhead shots

Image Source: idntimes.com


3Taking underwater shot

You just can’t afford to let your camera come in contact of water but photography is incomplete without underwater shots. For the purpose of taking underwater shots, take a fish tank, place your camera in the fish tank and submerge the fish tank in the water body and click photos. However, make sure you don’t submerge the tank completely in water.

Taking underwater shot

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4How to remove people from your photos

You need to set up your camera and click a photo every 10-20 seconds of the location that you want to capture. Keep clicking photos until you have clicked photos of each part of the location or scene unobstructed. Now, you need to use your Photoshop skills to remove people to get a clear photo of the location.

How to remove people from your photos

Image Source: rooziato.com


5Create a softbox effect using plastic bag

You can use a medium size plastic bag to create a softer effect with the camera. For this purpose, place the flash of the camera inside the plastic bag because of which a layer of diffusing object will be provided and it will result in softening of light. This will help the photographer in clicking a photo with lighting looking more natural.

Create a softbox effect using plastic bag

Image Source: pinimg.com


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