Bulgarian Woman With ‘Biggest Lips in World’ Shows off Huge Pout After 20th Injection

Almost every person in this world wants to look good and beautiful as it not only makes a good impression on other people but also has considerable good effect on their confidence. Some people spend a lot of money on beauty treatments and cosmetic procedures as they feel that their body parts need to go under the knife.


Many girls like to look like Barbie doll and they don’t mind undergoing numerous cosmetic procedures for this purpose. Today, we are going to tell you about one such girl who also dreams of looking similar to Barbie Doll:

1Meet Andrea Ivanova

She is Andrea Ivanova, the 22-year old Instagram model who has already injected her lips with acid 20-times in order to make them look big. She desires to have the biggest lips of the world and is pretty determined on keep going under procedures until she becomes the woman with the biggest lips of the world.

Meet Andrea Ivanova

Image Source: guardian.ng

2Recent surgery

Andrea who is basically from Sofia, Bulgaria has undergone her 20th surgery last month on 28th April 2020 in which her lips were filled with hyaluronic acid. Her lips are now more than four times bigger than her original lips and though she likes the look but wants to undergo more procedures to make them bigger.


Image Source: malaymail.com

3When did it start?

She started her transformation journey in 2018 and since then she has undergone procedures 20 times spending thousands of pounds till date. She doesn’t have clear idea as to how much she has spend till now on her transformation but on average, she has spent £135 per procedure on her lips surgery.

Woman with biggest lips in the world

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

4Her dream

The Instagram model said that she dreamt of looking like Barbie since her childhood days. For getting the artificial appearance of Barbie she uses heavy makeup, dark eyebrows, blonde hair and her bust has also been surgically enhanced for this purpose.

The Instagram model

Image Source: userapi.com

5Her Instagram following:

Andrea who studies German Philology at Sofia University has a following of nearly 39K on Instagram and she regularly posts photos of big pout on her Instagram account. She feels that the bigger her lips, the prettier she looks and she also told that she has visited almost every clinic in Sofia in order to get her lips filled with lips fillers. There are many photos on her Instagram in which she is seen showing her big pout.

Biggest Lips In World Her Huge Pout After 20th Injection Is Storming Internet

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