15 Of the Best Shots of Mother Nature From The 2021 Big-Picture Natural World Photography Contest

11 “Facing Reality”- Aquatic Life Finalist, by Amos Nachoum, Pleneau Island, Antarctic Peninsula

During the low tide, a young gentoo penguin who was in a playful mood jumped into the lagoon for some fun when he got ambushed by a leopard seal which had been lying in wait to hunt. This picture shows how a mistake could cost you dearly out in the wild.

Facing Reality

Image Source: quizizz.com

12 “Mon Cheri”- Human/Nature Finalist, by Guido Villani, Naples, Italy

A light storm had caused a sizable amount of litter to fall into the waters at the port of Bacoli in Naples, Italy. The storm had also drawn a swarm of jellyfish in, and this particular mauve stinger was photographed by Guido Villani with a discarded plastic chocolate wrapper stuck in its tentacles.

Mon Cheri- Human Nature Finalist by Guido Villani

Image Source: www.tripadvisor.it

13 “Felis Silvestris”- Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist, by Vladimir Cech Jr., Doupov Mountains, Czech Republic

The photographer managed to capture a nearly impossible shot of the rare and elusive European wildcat- Felis silvestris silvestris. He managed to do this after studying the area for several months and photographing one such cat with his homemade DSLR camera trap which he built in his photo studio in the forest.

Felis Silvestris

Image Source: index.hr

14 “Private Moment Of Milk Feeding”- Aquatic Life Finalist, by Mike Korostelev, Indian Ocean

Mike Korosteleve managed to click this pic of a mother sperm whale nursing her calf close to the water’s surface in the Indian Ocean. The whales tolerated his proximity long enough to get the perfect angular shot of them in this nurturing moment.

Private Moment Of Milk Feeding

Image Source: morkoffki.net

15 “Klukshu Ice Bears 4/6”- Photo Story: Out of the Ordinary, by peter Mather, Yukon Territory, Canada

This small grizzly bear, one of the so-called Klukshu Ice Bears was rewarded with a fresh salmon catch during the less ideal daytime. This bear knowingly ventured out during this time to avoid bigger bears that would’ve tried to steal its food.

Klukshu Ice Bears

Image Source: mix.tn.kz


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