15 Of the Best Shots of Mother Nature From The 2021 Big-Picture Natural World Photography Contest

6 “Tough Negotiation”- Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist, by Ayala Fishaimer, Judean Foothills, Israel

The picture reveals a predator with its prey in a dire situation. The Arabian red fox cub which emerged from its den stares down at a hapless shrew in the sand before playing with it. However, the terrified shrew seems to be pleading for its life.

Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist

Image Source: mstdn.social

7 “Treasure on Ice”- Aquatic Life Finalist, by Marek Jackowski, Svalbard, Norway

This particular shot highlights the immediate concerns of climate change. Sea ice is disappearing at a rapid pace which is causing polar bears and other wildlife to lose their cold habitat. This male polar bear can be seen settling down at dusk on a small iceberg which will be his refuge for the night.

Treasure on Ice”- Aquatic Life Finalist, by Marek Jackowski

Image Source: Earthwonders.co

8 “Ropewalker”- Winged Life Finalist, by Nicolas Reusens, Papallacta, Ecuador

The sight of a speckled hummingbird balancing on the beak of a sword-billed hummingbird was something the photographer of this shot had never seen before, in all his 10 years of observing hummingbirds. This stunning feat which he witnessed after 6 days of shooting, became his best entry for the 2021 Big-Picture Natural World Photography Contest.

Ropewalker”- Winged Life Finalist

Image Source: www.bigpicturecompetition.org

9 “Foxfence”- Human/Nature Finalist, by Peter Mather, Whitehorse, Canada

Urban foxes are known to den in fenced-off areas. They choose these sites because they provide excellent escape routes from coyotes and dogs. This photo is of a fox kit along with other playful siblings emerging out of their den in downtown Whitehouse for a little bit of playtime.

Foxfence Human Nature Finalist

Image Source: bananalanguage.com

10 “Jumbo Roadblock”, Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist, by Jagdeep Rajput, Corbett National Park, India

The herd of elephants in the photograph can be seen slowly marching in formation to create a protective front row that will protect their young by keeping them safe in the middle. This clearly demonstrates these animals’ right of way and social-behavioral instincts. These Asian elephants were making their way through from an adjoining national park.

Jumbo Roadblock Terrestrial Wildlife Finalist

Image Source: morkoffki.net


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