15 Of the Best Shots of Mother Nature From The 2021 Big-Picture Natural World Photography Contest

Everyone loves looking at captivating photography of sceneries, views, nature, wildlife, people, cities, and so on. In order to mesmerize people with stunning and magnificent shots, these photographers of the 2021 Big-Picture Natural World Photography contests went above and beyond to click the perfect picture.


Here are 15 of their best shots of mother nature from the global contest.

1 “Hope in A Burned Plantation”- Grand Prize, by Jo-Anne Macarthur, Mallacoota, Australia

A resilient kangaroo paused in its path in a burned eucalyptus plantation. This is when the photographer Jo-Anne Macarthur seized the moment to click the iconic shot of Australia during its cataclysmic bushfires which razed the continent in 2019 and 2020. Nearly three billion animals perished or were displaced due to this disaster. But this eastern grey kangaroo and her joey were some of the fortunate survivors of the wide-scale devastation.

Kangaroo paused in its path

Image Source: medium.com

2 “Boss”- Terrestrial Wildlife Winner, by Michelle Valberg, Great Bear Rainforest, Canada

A rare sight of one of only a few hundred white bears in the subspecies of black bears dwelling in the coastal rainforests of British Columbia was captured by photographer Michelle Valberg. This spirit bear called “Boss” was shaking his head to dry himself of the water after he dipped his head into the river to search for some salmon roe. The droplets of water spiraling around his head made for one dazzling sight before the bear plunged his head back in a second time to get his meal.

White bear Big Nature World Photography Contest

Image Source: fotoblogia.pl

3 “Beak to Beak”- Winged Life, Winner, by Shane Kalyn, Mount Seymour Provincial Park, Canada

Two Ravens can be seen taking turns inspecting each other’s beaks after preening each other’s feathers. They even seemed to be enjoying a conversation with each other throughout this process. Photographer Kalyn Seymour had never witnessed anything like this in all his time observing, the grooming practices, gift-sharing, and singing courtship behaviors of ravens on the mountains.

Beak to Beak Big Picture World Photography Contest

Image Source: index.hr

4 “Barracuda”- Aquatic Life Winner, Yung-Sen Wu, Koror Palau

It took photographer Yung-Sen Wu four days to get this perfect angle shot of this battery of barracuda. How did he manage to capture such a shot? He swam among the fish in the Blue Corner, but it was only towards the end of the 50-minute drive on his fifth day that he was able to capture this sight. That was also only because the fish finally allowed him to swim among them as a part of their school. After getting the shot, he joined the fish on the sixth day for a swim without his camera.

Big-Picture-Worl Photography Contest Barracuda

Image Source: petapixel.com

5 “Another Planet”- Landscapes, Waterscapes, And Flora Winner, by Fran Rubia, Fjallabak Nature Reserve, Iceland

From such a height these extinct volcanoes appear like snow-covered mountain peaks, in this drone-captured shot taken on a cloudy day in June, during the midnight sun. The picture shows a very unusual perspective of an inhospitable landscape created by an otherworldly atmosphere produced from traces of iron oxide.

Fran Rubia Fjallabak Nature Reserve Iceland

Image Source: www.zenskimagazin.rs


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