Take A Look At the Beautiful And Strange Bedroom Lives Of Americans

A bedroom is a very private and intimate place. It is a safe haven for most of us. For most people it is just a place to sleep and relax. But for people who work from home, this is where they spend a lot of time. People take out time and put in effort to decorate their bedrooms.


The kind of décor and cleanliness of a bedroom can tell you a lot about a person and their personality. People add a lot of small details to their bedroom to make it representative of who they are. Many pictures on this list prove just that point.

1A couple’s bedroom

This is the bedroom of a cute couple and as you can see it has practically nothing in it; just a bed and two people in love. This goes to show you don’t need a ton in your bedroom to make it feel great. Just a bed and a table with a lamp or a few fairy lights, that’s all you need. You can call this a minimalist bedroom.

Image Source: funzi.ru

2Comfort in the wild

This is a very beautiful bedroom with huge windows overlooking the wild outdoors. There is a ton of things in the room and it all depends on the person sleeping there. While some people like a few important things in their bedrooms others want more. This is an individual’s decision for what should and shouldn’t be there.

Image Source: noonecares.me

3A simple bedroom

This is a very simple bedroom for a simple person. While many people like living in a house with many rooms, there are some who want the opposite. They just want a place to call home and they can make the best even of a tiny place as we can see here. While we may think the bedroom is narrow and we won’t fit in there, the person living here feels different and loves her bedroom.

Image Source: baomoi.zadn.vn

4A different lifestyle

There are many people who chose to have little and live a lot like this picture shows – a woman comfy in her bed in her little room. A window with a great view of the greens outside and it really looks peaceful and calm. This is a lifestyle and the choice of many people. This is proof you don’t need everything to make you feel good.

Image Source: www.collater.al

5Soft and comfy

We’re not sure how old this girl is but we have to say she is very comfy with all her stuffed toys bedside her. This is a great look at how you can make your bedroom however you want it to be with whatever you want to keep in it. You can say this girl is sleeping with her memories.

Image Source: www.creativeboom.com

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