15 Backstage Facts about Popular Movies Most People Don’t Know About

11Morgan Freeman had a meltdown and physical injury in “Shaw Shank Redemption”

Well, blame it on the director of the movie who was not that great in briefing the actors about the scenes, especially the conversation scene between Andy and Red which took 9 hours during which Freeman had to constantly play with the ball without any complaints. The next day he had to come to sets with a bandaged arms. As if this was not enough, lack of clarity led to a lot of arguments on the sets so much so that Freeman refused to do any second takes without proper briefing about the scenes…sounds fair enough.

Morgan Freeman had a meltdown

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12Warner Brother’s logo had a snake in its logo for Harry Potter

In the movie “The Goblet of Fire” Voldemort’s snake Nagini is shown crawling up on the Warner Brothers logo in the beginning f the credits. This was done as the snake appears in the very first scene of the movie.

Warner Brother’s logo

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13Artist Margaret Keane does a cameo in her movie with Amy Adams

The movie “Big Eyes” is about the artist Margaret Keane who does a cameo in the movie, in a scene where Amy Adams (playing Margaret in the movie) is painting in a park and behind her an old lady is sitting in a bench with a book. At the end credit of the movie, they show Amy Adams sitting with Margaret for a photograph together on that bench itself.

Artist Margaret Keane does a cameo

Image Source: brightside.me

14Makeup artist won academy awards on shoestring budget

The Oscar-winning movie “Dallas Buyers Club” was made in a small budget and they just had 250$ for makeup. But the proverb “when life gives, lemons make lemonade” is truly applicable in this case as the makeup artists Adruitha Lee and Robin Mathews used that budget to the hilt and got academy awards for Best Makeup and Hairstyling!

Makeup artist won academy awards on shoestring budget

Image Source: www.thinkingfaith.org

15The Greatest Showman has wolverine’s claws in the credits

The movie “ the Greatest Showman” an interesting Easter Egg for the audience to find out and that is wolverines claws which can be seen in the opening credits of the movie and incidentally the main character of this movie is Hugh Jackman himself!

The Greatest Showman has wolverine

Image Source: ibuzz.us


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