15 Backstage Facts about Popular Movies Most People Don’t Know About

6 Julia Roberts had a stunt double in “Pretty woman”

One of the most loved romantic movies of all times which launched Julia Roberts to the big leagues of the Hollywood stardom. But many do not know that she completely refused to do the nude scenes, so famous dancer Shelley Michelle was used for them instead. In fact, the iconic poster of the movie also has the cropped head of Julia on top of the body of her stunt double! Even Richard Gere is touched up as in the poster as his hair is brown but in the movie, he is graying.

Julia Roberts had a stunt double

Image Source: brightside.me

7 “The Shining “shooting took 60 doors for a shot!

Stanley Kubrick is considered an eccentric genius and he is a perfectionist. In his path-breaking psychological horror flick the Shining”, the shooting extended from 17 weeks as planned to 51 weeks. Even the dialogue scene between the Jack and Shelly Duval took 127 shots! And then the most famous door breaking scene (also called the “Here’s Jonny” scene) they needed 3 whole days and whopping 60 doors to destroy! Jack Nicholson was a former firefighter and initially, he was breaking the doors too easily, so they had to replace harder doors to give him some resistance to shred a door with his ax.

The Shining shooting

Image Source: www.thesun.co.uk

8 “Unthinkable “use a simple spreadsheet to defuse the bomb

Well, everything does not need to be highly complicated to send the message across and this exactly what the makers of the movie “ Unthinkable “ thought too ( pun intended). In order to diffuse a deadly bomb, they simply use the Microsoft Excel to diffuse it! Which makes bomb diffusion so user-friendly now that anyone can do it?


Image Source: redd.it

9The Green codes in the matrix movie are Japanese recipes in kanji

Simon Whitely was the concept designer of the famous movie the “Matrix”, revealed his inspiration for those hypnotic green codes on the screen which became the icon for the movie later. This was inspired by his wife’s cookbook recipes written in Japanese texts.

The Green codes in the matrix

Image Source: rossaprimavera.ru

10Kurt Russell damages a precious antique

The movie “Hateful Eight” starring Kurt Russell has a rather unfortunate back-story. His character from this period movie breaks a guitar. The Martin Museum offered their rare 1870 original guitar to the production assuming they would make replicas but in the scene it was the original antique guitar which was busted by Kurt Russell and this earned the production team a wrath from the museum that they would never lend out any of their exhibits to any movie productions in the future.

Kurt Russell damages a precious antique

Image Source: www.guitarplayer.com


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