15 Backstage Facts about Popular Movies Most People Don’t Know About

As a movie viewer, we are enthralled by so many effects and amazing visuals on the screen that we do not even think or try to imagine how those magical moments might have been created for us? Although it’s true that today’s movie making is a highly technical affair and most of us would not understand the intricacies of it but still there are some interesting backstage bloopers and unconventional movie-making methods still used which will surprise us for sure. Take a look at some backstage facts about popular movies we all loved.


1 “Inside Out” characters have same eye colors

All the animated characters in this fabulous movie have different eye colors, leaving “Joy” and “sadness” as they share blue eyes. This had a special significance as the filmmakers wanted to portray that the feelings of joy and sadness go hand in hand.

Inside Out Character

Image Source: nytimes.com


2Titanic’s dinner scene took 2 whole days to shoot

This was rather a small scene of an elaborate dinner in the ship’s first class deck but it took almost 2 days to shoot it. Although a small scene, it had a lot of close up shots, one liners and glances etc, in fact by the 2nd day the actors were so burnt out that they started making fun and faces during the shooting of the scene with Leo asking Kathy Bates whether the dinner service wares was actually used for a lobotomy!

Titanic’s dinner scene

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3Steve Carnell actually had the real waxing experience!

The movie “40-Year-Old Virgin” has a scene in which Steve had to subject himself to the horrors of waxing. In order to make the scene really funny and the actor’s reactions authentic, the directors actually used 5 different camera angles to shoot the real anguish and pain of Carrel while his hair was ripped off! During a real waxing session!

Steve Carnell waxing experience

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4Ed Helms actually has no tooth there!

In the movie Hangover, The directors did not need to painfully extract the tooth from Ed’s character or have some complicated makeup trick to show the lost tooth. In fact, he never had that tooth there anyway in the first place and all he needed to do was to remove his implants which made the scene disturbingly authentic.

Ed Helms actually has no tooth there!

Image Source: www.thoughtco.com


5Sting’s cameo in a movie directed by a newbie director!

This is usually unheard of that a world world-famous rock star would agree to do a cameo for any newbie director, but it happened in movie “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”. How you ask? Well, Wife of Sting Trudy Styler who was the head of the production unit was enthralled by this short movie called “The Hard Case”, So much so that she wanted to invest her money in making it a full-length motion picture and of course convinced her singer husband to play the crucial part of the bartender and the father of the protagonist. Well, this providential move made the movie a super hit and Guy Ritchie a top billing director of Hollywood.

Sting’s cameo in a movie

Image Source: nypdecider.com


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