26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

16Head in the Clouds


This is a true dystopian movie with panache, where it lifts your soul to higher subliminal levels but also disconnects you from the realities of life. The cinematography is doom-laden which never really allows you to relax while dwelling in the deep mysteries of human heart. This movie is the perfect mix of insanity and harsh reality and the lust to escape from it all.

Head in the Clouds

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17Erin Brockovich

This real life portrayal of the titular character added yet another feather in the illustrious career of Julia Roberts. This movie is inspirational for all the women in the world who are striving hard to rise above their challenges and struggles of life. You don’t really need to be wealthy, super talented or a genius to be happy and ‘victorious’ in life, all you need to do is to choose your battle and fight it to the end.

Erin Brockovich

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18Million Dollar Baby

This is yet another Clint East wood Masterpiece which well deservedly won an academy award for its sheer drama and storytelling. Be it acting, direction, the hard hitting plot, cinematography even the background score, you name it and it’s all here in its best form. With characters so real that you can almost feel their breath and pain all throughout, this movie is a sheer joy to watch. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s depressing because this movie would inspire you with ruddy warmth in your heart for sure.

Million Dollar Baby

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