26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

12Elizabeth: The Golden Age


Well, if you mix Cate Blanchett with a Historical drama, the result is going to be awesome by default. This one though takes it a notch higher with multiple academy award nominations. A queen definitely wears a crown of thorns and how! ‘Elizabeth’ makes this monarchical movie into a personal saga full of tumult, betrayal, adventure and passion. This movie would change your outlook about all period movies in one shot!

Elizabeth The Golden Age

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The best way to describe this academy award winning movie in a single word is ‘Striking”. This was a career changing movie for Salma Hayek who overnight transformed her ditzy, Latino sex symbol image to a thinking man’s actress. A true story of the character with the titular name, she portrays the irrepressible desires, human flaws and rebellious instincts of a woman perfectly.


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14The Queen

It’s always difficult to portray a real life legend and if it’s a living legend at that…. the cinematic challenges are really scary, but Director Stephen Frears, not only takes up the challenge but nails it so accurately that you would forget whether its real or reel while watching it! Following the death of Princess Diana, amidst a highly critical world watching your every move. The Queen shows the world how to act and behave like a true Monarch.

The Queen

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15The Devil Wears Prada

The world of fashion is beautiful and glamorous, but it also has its mean and cruel shades which are hidden behind its glitz and splendor. Although the movie makers never intended to make this as any documentary or a hard-hitting drama but it still caught all those small nuances of selfishness and deceit which comes along with this profession. Light hearted comedy with heavy weight actors such as Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep and surprise package called Emily Blunt makes you watch this movie again and again.

The Devil Wears Prada

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