26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

8Coco before Chanel


There are few movies made about real women who have gone ahead of their times and changed the world in the truest of sense and this movie is one them. Audrey Tautou hits a jackpot when she bagged the role of the legendary designer Coco Chanel enacting what she was “before” what she eventually ‘became’ to the world at large! This movie defies all the conservations of society and frees it from its tight corsets and boring dresses.

Coco before Chanel

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This movie really transformed the way the world perceived Angelina Jolie. From just a pretty face to an explosive actress to look out for. This outstanding movie harshly depicts the reality behind the glam of modeling business. The sparkling life of runways, photo shoots and fame comes with its own set of grime and crime, which is an eye opener for many young girls all across the world, as this movie is relevant even today!


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Some movies are meant for entertainment and then some are made to leave a permanent mark on you for years to come. Elegy is one such movie which deals with a complex idea of an unconventional relationship between a college professor and a young student, which manages to move us to the core.


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11Me before You

This movie is based on a beautiful novel by JJ Meyers magically recreated in motion cinema which would make you a believer in TRUE LOVE! The real star of the show is the story which shows raw human emotions across class boundaries, physical disabilities and social taboos. Though many would call this a tear jerker but it’s an optimistic story with a smile which comes out at the end of the movie and inspires us to live and appreciate everything and everyone around us.

Me before You

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