26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

4G.I. Jane


For all men (and some women) who think girls just want to hook themselves to teenage love dramas and mushy chick-flicks, this movie sure comes out as a sharp punch on their faces! Demi Moore starred in this iconic movie, which was a no fuss and frill story and completely badass to start with. What makes it even grittier is the realistic quotient of the movie which shows the strength of the human spirit through some real hard hitting scenes. This one movie is a must watch for all those girls who feel they are much more than just frill skirts and lipsticks.

G.I. Jane

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5Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile’ is perhaps the most profound movie ever made which has honestly showcased the tribulations for greater social and political rights for women while battling their inner demons created by the same society which stops them to fight against it. This movie shows a rare camaraderie among women from different domestic and social backgrounds and upbringing, coming-out together with their own set of issues and ideas about their ideal world and to discover what the ideal world must truly look like.

Mona Lisa Smile

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6The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

Yes, who could have ever imagined a  super model (Milla Jovovich), with her interesting accent, would  set the screen on fire with this hard hitting, realistic historical movie about the most enigmatic and controversial political figure of medieval France. Adding to the large scale of the movie, its high dosages of spirituality and sense of justice prevailing makes this movie strictly for the serious woman to draw some hardcore inspiration.

The Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc

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This is a complete 180 degree shift from the heavy duty female movies we have discussed so far. Amelie is a young, cute and bubbly French girl in this path breaking cinema who ends up making a big change in her life following a secret mission which leaves her with much more than she started off with. The mundane lives in the streets of Paris gets a tinge of color through her smile and of course Yann Tiersen’s amazing soundtrack which brings this exotic story to life. If you are feeling low, watch this!


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