26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime

All women love watching movie and while several good movies centered on a female theme exist, some stand out for their inspiring, motivating and heartwarming content that will make you remember them for a long long time. Some as good as gold remain entrenched in the psyche of the movie goer and would be good for every generation. Here are 26 movies every woman should watch in her lifetime


1Terms of Endearment

This is an out and out Shirley Mclaine movie with its memorable quotes such as” you aren’t special enough to overcome a bad marriage”, but the movie is brilliant enough to show the layers of human persona whether it’s a sexually frustrated wife or a wonderful mother and daughter relationship, there is nothing that Shirley, Jack Nicholson and Debra winger can’t create with their gifts. Best movie for any rainy day to boost your morale and mood for sure.

Terms of Endearment

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2Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Making “yet another” screen adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in Hollywood itself is a scary task which only the most fearless actors and directors can take on, and to do it better than the previous ones….well, there is something really to watch out for! This movie does not disappoint at all, weather you are an Austen worshipper or a newbie watching it just for the fun of it, this movie will captivate your imagination forever!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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3Educating Rita

Any cinema lover or an avid reader would guess with its basic plot that’s its loosely based on George Bernard Shaw’s masterpiece ‘The Pygmalion’ but set up in a contemporary world. Willy Russell’s book with the same name has radiant Jessica Barlow’s Rita at its centre complete with her Pygmalion-ish entry and character introduction; this is one hell of a movie ride which no one must miss.

Educating Rita

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4G.I. Jane

For all men (and some women) who think girls just want to hook themselves to teenage love dramas and mushy chick-flicks, this movie sure comes out as a sharp punch on their faces! Demi Moore starred in this iconic movie, which was a no fuss and frill story and completely badass to start with. What makes it even grittier is the realistic quotient of the movie which shows the strength of the human spirit through some real hard hitting scenes. This one movie is a must watch for all those girls who feel they are much more than just frill skirts and lipsticks.

G.I. Jane

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5Mona Lisa Smile

Mona Lisa Smile’ is perhaps the most profound movie ever made which has honestly showcased the tribulations for greater social and political rights for women while battling their inner demons created by the same society which stops them to fight against it. This movie shows a rare camaraderie among women from different domestic and social backgrounds and upbringing, coming-out together with their own set of issues and ideas about their ideal world and to discover what the ideal world must truly look like.

Mona Lisa Smile

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6The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc

Yes, who could have ever imagined a  super model (Milla Jovovich), with her interesting accent, would  set the screen on fire with this hard hitting, realistic historical movie about the most enigmatic and controversial political figure of medieval France. Adding to the large scale of the movie, its high dosages of spirituality and sense of justice prevailing makes this movie strictly for the serious woman to draw some hardcore inspiration.

The Messenger The Story of Joan of Arc

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This is a complete 180 degree shift from the heavy duty female movies we have discussed so far. Amelie is a young, cute and bubbly French girl in this path breaking cinema who ends up making a big change in her life following a secret mission which leaves her with much more than she started off with. The mundane lives in the streets of Paris gets a tinge of color through her smile and of course Yann Tiersen’s amazing soundtrack which brings this exotic story to life. If you are feeling low, watch this!


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8Coco before Chanel

There are few movies made about real women who have gone ahead of their times and changed the world in the truest of sense and this movie is one them. Audrey Tautou hits a jackpot when she bagged the role of the legendary designer Coco Chanel enacting what she was “before” what she eventually ‘became’ to the world at large! This movie defies all the conservations of society and frees it from its tight corsets and boring dresses.

Coco before Chanel

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This movie really transformed the way the world perceived Angelina Jolie. From just a pretty face to an explosive actress to look out for. This outstanding movie harshly depicts the reality behind the glam of modeling business. The sparkling life of runways, photo shoots and fame comes with its own set of grime and crime, which is an eye opener for many young girls all across the world, as this movie is relevant even today!


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Some movies are meant for entertainment and then some are made to leave a permanent mark on you for years to come. Elegy is one such movie which deals with a complex idea of an unconventional relationship between a college professor and a young student, which manages to move us to the core.


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11Me before You

This movie is based on a beautiful novel by JJ Meyers magically recreated in motion cinema which would make you a believer in TRUE LOVE! The real star of the show is the story which shows raw human emotions across class boundaries, physical disabilities and social taboos. Though many would call this a tear jerker but it’s an optimistic story with a smile which comes out at the end of the movie and inspires us to live and appreciate everything and everyone around us.

Me before You

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12Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Well, if you mix Cate Blanchett with a Historical drama, the result is going to be awesome by default. This one though takes it a notch higher with multiple academy award nominations. A queen definitely wears a crown of thorns and how! ‘Elizabeth’ makes this monarchical movie into a personal saga full of tumult, betrayal, adventure and passion. This movie would change your outlook about all period movies in one shot!

Elizabeth The Golden Age

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The best way to describe this academy award winning movie in a single word is ‘Striking”. This was a career changing movie for Salma Hayek who overnight transformed her ditzy, Latino sex symbol image to a thinking man’s actress. A true story of the character with the titular name, she portrays the irrepressible desires, human flaws and rebellious instincts of a woman perfectly.


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14The Queen

It’s always difficult to portray a real life legend and if it’s a living legend at that…. the cinematic challenges are really scary, but Director Stephen Frears, not only takes up the challenge but nails it so accurately that you would forget whether its real or reel while watching it! Following the death of Princess Diana, amidst a highly critical world watching your every move. The Queen shows the world how to act and behave like a true Monarch.

The Queen

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15The Devil Wears Prada

The world of fashion is beautiful and glamorous, but it also has its mean and cruel shades which are hidden behind its glitz and splendor. Although the movie makers never intended to make this as any documentary or a hard-hitting drama but it still caught all those small nuances of selfishness and deceit which comes along with this profession. Light hearted comedy with heavy weight actors such as Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep and surprise package called Emily Blunt makes you watch this movie again and again.

The Devil Wears Prada

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16Head in the Clouds

This is a true dystopian movie with panache, where it lifts your soul to higher subliminal levels but also disconnects you from the realities of life. The cinematography is doom-laden which never really allows you to relax while dwelling in the deep mysteries of human heart. This movie is the perfect mix of insanity and harsh reality and the lust to escape from it all.

Head in the Clouds

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17Erin Brockovich

This real life portrayal of the titular character added yet another feather in the illustrious career of Julia Roberts. This movie is inspirational for all the women in the world who are striving hard to rise above their challenges and struggles of life. You don’t really need to be wealthy, super talented or a genius to be happy and ‘victorious’ in life, all you need to do is to choose your battle and fight it to the end.

Erin Brockovich

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18Million Dollar Baby

This is yet another Clint East wood Masterpiece which well deservedly won an academy award for its sheer drama and storytelling. Be it acting, direction, the hard hitting plot, cinematography even the background score, you name it and it’s all here in its best form. With characters so real that you can almost feel their breath and pain all throughout, this movie is a sheer joy to watch. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s depressing because this movie would inspire you with ruddy warmth in your heart for sure.

Million Dollar Baby

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19La Vie en Rose

Many movies introduce us to sensitive and penetrating characters of years gone by, who would have been otherwise lost to us. This movie presents life and work of French Diva Edith Piaf, who lived in Paris when it was a struggle to be a woman and an artiste in the famous French capital. The city lights are romantic and dreamy yet it’s wild and absurd too, which is in reality encapsulates the true Paris of all times.

La Vie en Rose

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20Where the Heart Is

This lovely cinematic experience will leave you optimistic about life no matter how hard and difficult it gets. Though it may seem to be a mundane and banal plot for many, the real hidden gem of the movie is the acting and direction which brings the elements of happiness and hope when life throws a curve ball at you. Do not be fooled by its ordinary storyline, just immerse yourself in this movie and you would drown in its dreamy liveliness.

Where the Heart Is

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Madonna is a musical legend on her own terms but this movie would turn her harshest critiques to her most loyal fans. The sheer brilliance of performance makes it easier to believe why Madonna is a cult figure. She dazzles as a singer, an actor who doesn’t shy away to reveal the dark shades of the character which is plagued with its own issues and insecurities.


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22Gone Girl

This movie is mind boggling as well as shocking in real terms and to say it’s just a woman oriented movie is an understatement of the year. Yes the name and the cast as well as the plot do suggest it’s a girl movie but it’s so much more than just that. This is a fast paced thriller which is complex in so many layers that it simply leaves you overwhelmed ( or disturbed) once you are done watching it. Mature movie watching starts here.

Gone Girl

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23The Color Purple

This multiple academy award winning movie made careers for Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg and even Steven Spielberg!  To be honest this movie is not meant for everyone as its stark, dark and hard hitting as it gets. The horrors of a colored girl growing up amidst all sort of cruelty and exploitations in the rural ‘South’  during the turn of last century, hits us on the face sorely  but not without telling us to hold on to that HOPE which  keeps  the protagonist from perishing.

The Color Purple

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24The Shape of Water

Some movie makers are not simply directors but artists in real sense of the word and Guillermo Del Toro is one such rare film maker who doesn’t make movies but creates an artwork. His latest offering ‘The Shape of Water’ is yet another beautiful painting for us to awe upon. He whimsically mixes fairy tale with crude science- fiction reality which finally overcomes with a great wave of single human emotion- LOVE. A Must Watch.

The Shape of Water

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25The Blind Side

Among movies every woman must watch is the Blind Side. Based upon a book written by journalist Michael Lewis, who shadows through the pivotal years of the real Tuohy family this beautiful movie is much more than just a sentimental sports drama. This Sandra bullock starrer moves us incredibly and really makes us believe that there are good people in this world all around us. The magic of the movie is its simple narrative and linear positivity which is almost tangible.

The Blind Side

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26Hidden Figures

Not exactly a convention girlie movie but Hidden Figures will inspire you no end. The story about black women mathematicians and computer engineers working at NASA and struggling to secure top positions under conditions of discrimination in the sixties is both heartwarming and inspiring. With stalwart performances by Taraji  P Henson, Katherine Johnson, Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons and Kevin Costner, the film is captivating form start to finish. The National Board of Review named it one of the best films of 2016.

Hidden Figures

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