26 Movies That Every Woman Should Watch In Her Lifetime


All women love watching movie and while several good movies centered on a female theme exist, some stand out for their inspiring, motivating and heartwarming content that will make you remember them for a long long time. Some as good as gold remain entrenched in the psyche of the movie goer and would be good for every generation. Here are 26 movies every woman should watch in her lifetime

1Terms of Endearment

This is an out and out Shirley Mclaine movie with its memorable quotes such as” you aren’t special enough to overcome a bad marriage”, but the movie is brilliant enough to show the layers of human persona whether it’s a sexually frustrated wife or a wonderful mother and daughter relationship, there is nothing that Shirley, Jack Nicholson and Debra winger can’t create with their gifts. Best movie for any rainy day to boost your morale and mood for sure.

Terms of Endearment

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2Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Making “yet another” screen adaptation of Pride and Prejudice in Hollywood itself is a scary task which only the most fearless actors and directors can take on, and to do it better than the previous ones….well, there is something really to watch out for! This movie does not disappoint at all, weather you are an Austen worshipper or a newbie watching it just for the fun of it, this movie will captivate your imagination forever!

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

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3Educating Rita

Any cinema lover or an avid reader would guess with its basic plot that’s its loosely based on George Bernard Shaw’s masterpiece ‘The Pygmalion’ but set up in a contemporary world. Willy Russell’s book with the same name has radiant Jessica Barlow’s Rita at its centre complete with her Pygmalion-ish entry and character introduction; this is one hell of a movie ride which no one must miss.

Educating Rita

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