These 20 Intriguing and Tricky Questions will give your Brain a Thorough Workout

Here is a nice way to exercise your brains by asking yourself these 20 intriguing questions that may take a while to decipher an answer. Try your hand at this and scroll to the end to check your answers.

1 Question 1

The International Air Transport Association or IATA dictates that certain two passengers should not be allowed to sit together in the same row in the airplane. Who are the passengers being referred to?

Inside look of a plane

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2 Question 2

You are in this country and observe a group of women getting onto a local bus. Even though the bus is empty, the women go and sit at the back of it. Why would they do that?

Empty bus seats

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3 Question 3

In 1445, citizens of Moscow got the shock of their lives thinking doomsday had come because all the church bells began to toll simultaneously. The same incident happened in Kiev in 1091 and again in Moscow in 1802. What was the reason?

church bells

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4 Question 4

In Myanmar (Burma), Locals usually raise livestock and poultry but never slaughter them. They trade the cattle in the market to dealers who export to countries like China. But, they again purchase the meat from the same dealers which sound a waste of time and money, why?

Myanmar (Burma

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5 Question 5

Tail docking or removal of a portion of an animal’s tail was the common practice in Europe regardless of the breed of dog, why?

Tail docking

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