15 Things used every day that you never knew had an actual name


There is a name for everything including the somewhat in obscure objects that you wouldn’t glance at or give any importance too. In many instances we take it for granted that certain objects are always at hand for use yet we doing exactly know what they are called. For example the small groove between your nose and upper lip, do you know what it’s called? Well!! Read on to find out 15 everyday objects that have names you never ever knew.

1 Philtrum

Yes!! That little lined groove between your nose and upper lip which seems like a small lined dent or a straight dimple actually has a particular name called the Philtrum. Who would have thought of that?



Image Source: www.dentagama.com

2 Nibblings

This has nothing to do with eating or snacking. Rather, nibbling is used when you want to refer to your nephews and nieces without specifying a gender. It’s a gender neutral term so rather than having to say “I’m visiting my nephews and nieces, you simply say I’m visiting my nibblings.


Image Source: www.wp.com

3 Nurdle

Bet you couldn’t have expected this one. Yes even a little blob of toothpaste on your toothbrush has a name and it’s called a Nurdle. How it was conceived is a mystery but yes, that’s the name for it.


Image Source: www.skyrock.net

4 Petrichor

This is a name for the favorite smell of several people. Petrichor is the scent of your natural surrounding or nature after a shower or rain. Many will not give it a second thought but there are people who recognize that familiar smell of nature after rainfall. It does have a distinct smell.


Image Source: www.seattlestar.net


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