15 All Star Parents Who Succeeded In Parenting Goals by Being Creative and Encouraging


Parenting might be a daunting task for many but there are several parents who enjoy it all because they have thought up innovative ways to maintain discipline and keep their children happy at the same time. Here are 15 creative ways of parenting these shrewd parents resorted to which may actually work.

1 How this cheeky father takes care of his teenager

Teens will be teens and when your little girl is grown up the one nightmare is keeping boys away especially the wrong sort. This father found an effective way to get the message across even in his absence.

Parenting goals

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2 The parents of this little helper

The father of this boy must have been a role model when it comes to helping around the home. It seems watching his dad work on the car seems to have given him some interest to work.

kid cleaning the car tyre

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3 This dad keeping his passion alive

There is no reason to avoid doing the things you lie just because you have to take care of the baby. This father shows how you can d both together when it comes to liking unicycling.

This dad keeping his passion alive

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4 The father of this responsible girl

It is every parent’s desire that their child learns responsibility and help in household chores. This little girl seems to be doing just that and her parents must definitely be overjoyed.

Girl cleaning home floor

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5 These parents advertising their kid’s success

When kids do well in education, there can be none prouder than parents. These parents found a novel way of showing how proud they are of their son’s amazing performance in SAT.

Proud parents

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6 The mother of this young boy developing a green thumb

This mom must have been overjoyed when her little boy asked her to let him help her in the garden. She must been real proud of him for doing so. Who knows he may become a gardener one day.

Kid watering the plants

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7 The parents of this little entrepreneur

When a child displays mature tendencies of responsibility and entrepreneurship at a young age, their parents would be undoubtedly happy. Such kids should always be encouraged in their endeavors no matter how small.

little entrepreneur

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8 This clever dad at the airport

This dad is actually tiring his son out before a flight so that he sleeps all through. That way he won’t disturb fellow passengers which is a good thing.

clever dad at the airport

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9 The mother of these adorable kids

The mother of these two kids must be heaving a sigh of relief to see how well they get along. Especially the older guy who seems to be a great little big brother helping his sister brush her hair.

brother cleaning sister's hair

Image Source: www.cdninstagram.com

10 The creative mother who taught her kids to be imaginative

Rather than giving your kids expensive toys and technology to play with, cultivate a sense of creativity and imagination which is what this mother seems to have done when she gave her kids this huge cardboard box to play with.

kids playing in the cardboard box

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11 This little dude’s talented parents

This is one super talented and creative way of parenting. That is definitely one awesome Halloween costume which shows his parents must be super talented. Although he does not realize it, the day he is older and sees the photograph hell understand the hard work they put in.

talented parents

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12 The mom of this future baker

Children helping at home are a dream come through for any parent. It seems this little guy will grow up to be a baker someday. He has his mom to thank for encouraging him.

Mom teaching kid how to cook

Image Source: www.sheknows.com

13 Handy solution for hyperactive twins

When you have two hyperactive twins especially boys, it can get quite overwhelming at times. These parents hit upon a novel idea to keep them occupied and out of harm.

Handy solution for hyperactive twins

Image Source: www.tcuniverse.com

14 When your daughter wants to be like mom

This little girl’s mother practices reiki and it seems the daughter has taken a liking for it too and found the most willing volunteer to practice upon. Her Dad!

daughter playing with dad

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15 Fun-loving mom with the entire pack

Among creative ways of parenting it pays to be innovative. When you need to go out with the entire pack, be creative enough to think of ways of having fun with them along too. This mom has done exactly that.

 Fun-loving mom

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