12 Terrible Haircuts That Turned Into Memes to Make You Really Laugh Out Loud

Don’t you just hate it when you walk into a barbers shop hoping to spruce up your hairstyle only to find the barber’s idea of a spruced hairdo doesn’t exactly match yours? The result can be downright hilarious. It becomes even more entertaining when such terrible haircuts are made into memes. So enjoy and have a good laugh reading them.


If you thought your haircut was bad, then this will make you feel better as it is downright insane. One wonders at the reaction of the person after looking into the mirror at the terrible haircut his barber gave him.


1 Strawberry summer top

This guy is definitely weird to have asked his barber to make him look like a strawberry. Seems he wanted to get into the grove of summer for a strawberry summer top. Whatever next.

Strawberry summer top

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

2 My third eyebrow

This guy may have wanted a real punk hairstyle and his barber thought to give him one according to his own style and definition of punk. A third eyebrow is just what the barber ordered.

My third eyebrow

Image Source: www.imgur.com

3 Lost his hat

Well! Never tell your barber to find you a solution for losing your hat. He is as practical as can get and will always think up a permanent solution. Can’t blame the barber though.

Hair hat

Image Source: www.amazonaws.com

4 These two guys take the cake

This is what happens when you describe something wacky to your barber. He converts you into a makeup brush like the guy on the left. As for the guy on the right, he seems absolutely insane.

Weird haircuts

Image Source: www.imgix.net

5 Lisa Simpson thinks

Well when you’re a Lisa Simpson fan, then don’t let your barber know about it as this could be the result. Who knows both barber and customer might have been discussing the Simpsons when the barber got carried away.

Weird haircuts

Image Source: www.imgix.net

6 The tractor broke down

Well, he got what he asked for because the barber seems to have made his head look exactly like a cornfield in mid harvest when the tractor broke down. That’s what you get when you go to a barber! A terrible haircut.

funny haircut

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

7 The Math freak

Well when you’re weird then obviously you must be going to a barber who is equally weird to give a haircut like that. This is completely insane and wacky. Who would want a hairdo like that.

Funny haircuts

Image Source: www.ebaumsworld.com


8 He definitely won’t be getting some

If he really isn’t interested in getting some then he seems to have done the right thing. His barber has made him look as gross as possible but you never know, he could get an equally wacky partner who may like it.

Weird hairstyle

Image Source: www.epimg.net

9 The ultimate weirdo

Who would want a haircut like that? It would take someone really insane to walk around with something like this on his head. But!! One can’t help wondering what the barber may have been thinking too.


Weird Hairstyles

Image Source: www.piximus.net

10 The man bee

Seems this guy has a bee thing because his top looks like the backside of a bee. This was definitely the work of a talented barber because the bee bum looks perfect.

Bee haircut

Image Source: www.9gag.com

11 The coffee top

It gets worse and worse. Talk about people who go out of the way to look wacky, this guy takes the cake and his coffee too. Seems he loves his head latte or maybe it’s a headuccino.

Funny hairstyles

Image Source: www.twimg.com


12 Renaissance man

Here is the ultimate and you have to marvel at the talent of the barber. Even though in sane standards this is a terrible haircut but if you taking things to the wacky extremes then these this tops. He actually as the last supper shaved into his head.

funny hairstyle

Image Source: www.kobiecyhumor.pl


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