12 Photos that will make you doubt whether common sense exists or not


Sane people who have been following the Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the kind of support he has been getting must have been thinking what exactly happened to common sense here. The internet is full of such mind numbing, soul crushing and morale killing images that seriously makes you pray for the betterment of humanity or pray that natural selection takes its proper course.

Here are 12 images that abuse the concept of ‘common sense’:

1 Too much sense

Yes this type of forward thinking is necessary for our future generation. It has become too much of a comfort to wear normal shoes and walk like normal people. We should all be the epitome of laziness like this guy here and wear skates even when we drive a bike, so that we don’t have to walk, EVER!!

Too much sense

Image Source: www.diply.com

2 Common sense is not quite common

Yes basic math is not that easy to understand and comprehend for this person who wants to know if she is elder to her “older sister” because she was born in 1998 which is a bigger number than her sister’s birth year 1992. You see, common sense is not that common, after all!!

Common sense is not quite common

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com

3 Dogs are man’s best friends

I feel like saying sorry to the canine family on behalf of this human. Probably this person got hurt on his head when he was little. This person’s dogs are probably ashamed of this person and might talk about him to their pals behind this person’s back.

Dogs are man’s best friends

Image Source: www.buzzfeed.com


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