12 Movie Theater Secrets That You Could Not Have Possibly Known

There is no substitute for watching a movie in a theater because the experience is altogether a unique one. However, with phasing out of the old traditional movie theater and the influx of the multiplex cinematic experience, movies standards may have gone higher but they are a pinch on the pocket too. While many theater goers try to beat the system, movie theaters to have their own secrets too. Here are 12 movie theaters secrets the authorities don’t want you to know.


1 High volume can be damaging to your ears

Even though there are sound and audio regulations that govern a movie screening, most movie theaters go by their own rules. As a result, the explosive sound can be deafening and exceed decibel levels that can be detrimental to your hearing.


High volume can be damaging to your ear

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2 Popcorn and snacks are wildly overpriced

A bag of popcorn at a movie theater may end up costing more than the price of filet mignon. It’s weird why popcorn and snacks are unusually exorbitant at a movie theater but that’s the price you have to pay even if you don’t want to. It is unavailable elsewhere and neither are you allowed to carry your own snacks so it’s either shell out the cash or nothing.

Popcorn and snacks are wildly overpriced

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3 Theater cleaning schedules don’t allow for a thorough clean

Theater cleaners rarely get enough time to clean out the entire hall between shows. With this in mind, many employees admit that the cleaning is a half hearted job. Although there is an overnight crew in place, if you decide to catch a late Saturday night show, you better inspect your seat first.


Theater cleaning schedules

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4 Snack bar combos aren’t always a better deal

When you proceed to the snack counter, you may see the entire LED screen lit up with combos emblazoned with large money saving pricing. Once you actually calculate, you may be spending more than you normally would because a combo will always have one or two ingredients you don’t really need.

Snack bar combos aren’t always a better deal

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5 There is a reason why Popcorn smells so good

Popcorn at a movie theater always smells so much better than the home variety. This is because many theater snack counters have their own secrets and you may be actually getting a whole lot of food additives alongside your favorite snack.


Eating popcorn

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6 Theater employees have to break up movie-goers getting it on

Among movie theater secrets as admitted by theater employees, incidents like these happen at least once a week where couples have to be interrupted for getting carried away amorously. It invariably happens in family movies just when they are about to end.


Watching movie with girlfriend

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7 You can get blacklisted from a movie theater

Unruly people who tend top disrupt the screening of a movie may find themselves on a blacklist kept by theaters. However, one of the most common reasons people find themselves banned from theaters is due to piracy issues.


using phone in movie hall

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8 Commercials have increased

Although you may not mind trailers to promote upcoming new releases, it is the irritating commercials which have increased. Most commercials will invariably be of cars because revenue from these commercials are a huge sum and the theater needs them. Hence be prepared to see a whole lot in future.


Movie commercials

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9 Theater don’t care for the R-rated rules

Today theater employees don’t really seem to bother about keeping someone away from an R–rated movie as long as you play your cards right. As long as they don’t get into trouble, they aren’t going to keep a watchful eye on you if you are underage. No employee will say anything if you buy a ticket for one movie and watch another.


Movie reviews

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10 Piracy is a serious issue

Unlike the past, piracy is now a serious issue. There will be a huge fine involved if movie personnel catch you recording a movie. Employees are encouraged for doing this because the MPAA actually rewards employees for catching acts of piracy which can even involve an arrest.

Recording movie in hall

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11 There’s rarely someone in the projection booth

A projectionist’s job is now obsolete because of automation technology while screening a movie. AT the most theater personnel will regularly check in from time to time to see if the movie is running ok. If it isn’t, you’d better inform someone or else you may have to wait a long time.

projectionist’s job

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12 How to get a free movie pass

Hers one movie theater secret you couldn’t have known. It’s easy getting a free movie pass if you go about it the right way. A free pass could be granted because of annoying teenagers or children inspite of the movie being screened without hindrance. Speak to the manager in a nice way and you could get yourself a free pass.

How to get a free movie pass

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