12 Fantastic optical illusions which make us look twice at them! no wait, thrice! Or maybe even more than that!

Optical illusions have always been around, from the textbooks for physics to real life to even magic shows, we have always been fascinated by illusions of diverse kinds. Some illusions are simple and give the real picture away on close notice while some illusions actually shatter the perception of reality you might have. Optical illusions are interesting and always evoke a sense of mystery. The best-known illusions have always been talked about and given that we all come across small wallpapers and updates on pictures with optical illusions from time to time, we know that the fascination towards these have not changed in the least.


Optical illusions are caused by the way light filters in on a certain picture or by the clever use of light in photography or the clever placement of objects are responsible for causing optical illusions. What’s more is that these illusions can also be created by clever use of paints and designs, zig-zags, puzzling shapes and differently sized objects can be combined to create the best optical illusions. Check out the best optical illusions you might have ever seen.

1 Nature of beauty or beauty of nature?

This is either the cleanest car that the world has seen or the tire might just be floating in the air. Think what you may, but this optical illusion is indeed a mind-boggling one, beyond doubt!

Nature of beauty or beauty of nature?

Image Source: www.emgn.com


We are not sure if this is some character from Pirates of the Caribbean or if this is someone just pulling a face. Or hold on; is this a pet on its owner’s face? Take a close look and you will know!


Image Source: www.batona.net

3 Carry me friends!!

Unless you look really keenly, you will not be able to understand which girl is being carried by her friends; the one in black or the winner of the contest? A stunning example of optical illusions indeed!

Carry me friends!!

Image Source: www.foolpix.net

4 Which dimension is correct?

We still have no way of knowing if this guy is indeed a superhuman bicep workout freak or if this is a forest click—edited or whatever! Some serious optical illusions are at work here!

Which dimension is correct

Image Source: www.webgardha.com

5 Watch Me!!

Wo-ho!! Is the girl indeed in some yogic position or is the photograph taken all too cleverly to hide what she is sitting on? Can you guess?

Watch Me!!

Image Source: www.notagram.net

6 What’s on the stretched away carpet?

The miracle work of this carpet creates such an optical illusion that makes us wonder if the spills have gone too far or if the carpet is done in 3D?

What’s on the stretched away carpet?

Image Source: www.fansimg.com

7 Walking to the bird!!

You will think thrice about this picture and even wonder if the sea gull is gigantic. A still from a movie maybe or simple a photograph taken cleverly, this optical illusion is worth making to this list.

 Walking to the bird!!

Image Source: www.emgn.com

8 What the hell?

Is the hanger actually smoky or is apocalypse indeed approaching us? The optical illusion is really scary to look at and though you would know that photoshopping has been used greatly in here, but whatever maybe the scenario, this picture really has the potential to scare the hell out of people!

What the hell?

Image Source: www.fishki.net


9 Crrraazzyy Car!!

This optical illusion makes us wonder if the car has two fronts. Does it? Or is this some kind of a parking dream? Or simply a modified car? Or good photoshopping? You decide!

Crrraazzyy Car!!

Image Source: www.emgn.com

10 Walking on Water!!

Now, this one is kinda funny! Look at how the fountain covers the man and we are sure you will be wondering if he is wearing anything at all or whether he is some wearing a gown and walking on the water!! Sheer good timing—that is what defines this optical illusion.

Walking on Water!!

Image Source: www.anyelse.com

11 Like father, like son!!

Well, at first you would actually see one face and would think what in the name of God are we watching? But there lies the beauty of the bond of this kid and his father, look at just how beautifully the face the boy of the merges into the face of the father who is simply holding this kid.

Like father, like son!!

Image Source: www.emgn.com


12 Just how mysteriously beautiful nature is!!

Is the island floating or is this optical illusion a gem of a click? Well, decide for yourself!!

We are sure that after watching so many mind boggling optical illusions, we are you must be dazed! Well, consider it as an exercise for the eyes and brain and bask in the glory of knowing that you knew what each picture was trying to offer (that is, if you did understand them!) in the midst of optical illusions that they tried to create. We surely feel greatly victorious if our brain wins the battle it was having with the eyes. Don’t we?? Let us know which one beguiled you the most!

Just how mysteriously beautiful nature is!!

Image Source: www.thematicnews.com


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