These 11 Photographers Have Won The Prestigious Hasselblad Masters Awards Of 2018


The Hasselblad Masters Awards are the most prestigious professional photography awards that are held once in every two years. Recently, they announced the winners for the year 2018 in 11 categories. The contest attracted almost 31,500 entries this year from photographers from around the world. The winners are basically chosen through a combination of a public voting system and a professional Jury, comprised of internationally renowned photographers and imaging experts.

What do the winners get?

The winners are named the Hasselblad Masters till the time new masters come to take that place, that is two years from now on. They will also be getting a medium format Hasselblad camera and a chance to participate in collaborative projects. The works of the photographers will also be printed in the Hasselblad Masters Book.
Check out the mind-blowing photographs of the talented artists who have just won the Awards, below:

1Aerial Category

Winner: Jorge De La Torriente, Miami, USA

Hasselblad Masters

Image Source:

Born in 1971 in Miami, Jorge studied Architecture at Cornell University. After having spent 15 years of his life as an architect, he took to photography because of his passion for creating new things. Jorge also loves to travel and this gives him the opportunity to create new works of art that have a signature painterly effect to them.

Hasselblad Masters1

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2Portrait Category

Winner: Tina Signesdottir Hult, Torvastad, Norway

Tina Signesdottir Hult

Image Source:

The internationally acclaimed Art Photographer from Norway is a self-taught photographer. She works with passion to create the best of moments and specializes in fine arts, portraits and conceptual themes. Tina is someone who never uses flash in her photography and only uses the beauty of the natural lighting to convey everything through her photographs. The specialty about her photos is that they are full of emotions, are expressive and beautiful and reveal the true stories of her subjects.

Tina Signesdottir Hult1

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3Beauty and Fashion Category

Winner: Michal Baran, Trim, Ireland

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Michal Baran was born and raised in Poland, but he moved to Ireland in 2005 and became a professional photographer. He captures the beauty of nature, nobility of faces and uniqueness of events with utmost respect and admiration, insight and perception and stillness and dynamics. According to Baran, his clients ask for the impossible and that is where he loves to work the most: to make the impossible a reality.

Michal Baran1

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4Architecture Category

Winner: Kamilla Hanapova, St. Petersburg, Russia

Architecture Category

Image Source:

These are the works of a talented photographer from Russia; for whom photography is not just a hobby, but actually an integral part of her self-awareness. Mixing the classical photography and experimenting it with non-traditional methods of processing are the basis of her work.

Kamilla Hanapova

Image Source:

5Landscape Category

Winner: Benjamin Everett, Lopez Island, USA

Benjamin Everett

Image Source:

Benjamin Everett is a self-taught artist who was initially a landscape painter, before he was got hooked to photography. Benjamin is neither a realist nor surrealist, but searches for an interweaving of both the physical and the spiritual nature of experience, to create his works of art.

Benjamin Everett1

Image Source:

6Art Category

Winner: Maria Svarbova, Bratislava, Slovakia

Maria Svarbova

Image Source:

Maria Svarbova of Slovakia had studied restoration and archeology, but today her preferred artistic medium is photography. Maria’s distinctive photographic style departs from the traditional portraiture and focuses on experimentation with color, space and atmosphere. Taking inspiration from the Socialist era architecture, she transforms each scene with a modern freshness that basically highlights the range and depth of her creative palette.

Maria Svarbova1

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7Product Category

Winner: Marcin Gizycki, Warszawa, Poland

Marcin Gizycki

Image Source:

Marcin Gizycki of Poland is someone who has worked his way up, to be recognized at national and international levels when it comes to photography in different categories.

Marcin Gizycki1

Image Source:

8Wildlife Category

Winner: Winner Karim Ilya, Haiku, USA

Karim Ilya

Image Source:

Karim Iliya is a professional underwater photographer, aerial cinematographer (drone pilot), filmmaker, and whale swimming guide, living in Hawaii and Boulder Colorado. He lives a nomadic sort of lifestyle and basically travels across the world, doing what he loves the most- photographing and filming wildlife and marine environments.

Karim Ilya1

Image Source:

9Wedding Category

Winner: Victor Hamke, Leipzig, Germany

Victor Hamke

Image Source:

As you can see, the wedding photographs here are not what usually we see in this category, and that is exactly the philosophy which inspires the winner here. The specialty of this kind of wedding photography is that the focus is more on the feelings of the people involved, rather than just capturing moments of the extravagant party.

Victor Hamke1

Image Source:

10Project/21 Category

Winner: Nabil Rosman, Kota Bharu, Malaysia

Nabil Rosman

Image Source:

Nabil Rosman is a photographer who likes to be known as, ‘a boy of few words’; according to his Instagram profile. But, for the kind of work he had submitted and subsequently won an award for; he will most certainly have to speak something when he receives the award.

Nabil Rosman1

Image Source:

11Street/Urban Category

Winner: Ben Thomas, Kyneton, Australia

Ben Thomas

Image Source:

Ben Thomas is a talented photographer and visual artist, based in Victoria, Australia. His work is mostly centered on the urban spaces of cities that we live in. One of the most interesting aspects of his works is that he intensifies colors and distorts the boundaries between abstraction and reality.

Ben Thomas1

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