10 Hilarious and Really Funny Memes and Reactions to Game of Thrones Season 7


Not many could stomach Cersei and Jamie Lannister making out but when it came to Jon Snow who ended up in bed with Daenerys Targaryen who is actually his aunt as he is also Aegon Targaryen, well, there were eyes a flutter and love smileys everywhere. Twitter is alive with the most hilarious of reactions to Game of Thrones moments and we compiled some for you to have a good laugh.

1 If Cersei and Daenerys slugged it out in Twitter

If Daenerys and Cersie had a verbal duel on Twitter, It would have definitely got messy a with reference to almost anything and everything including family. Take a look.

Game of Throne memes

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2 Ed Sheeran on GOT

Whether Ed Sheeran did the right thing on appearing on Game of Thrones was right or not, the internet certainly went wild with it and had a field day with all the memes cropping up overnight.

Ed Sheeran on GOT

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3 Brienne and the Hound on Arya Stark

Found on Twitter: “They both had a smile after Brienne says that the only one who needs protection is the one to stand in Arya’s way 🙂 (And she was right; Littlefinger learned that the hard way”)

Brienne and the Hound on Arya Stark

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4 Soul Sisters

Well they got it right this one. Both Cersei and Daenerys love the burning up thing, ne with her scheming plots and plans while the other lets hell loose with her dragons. That’s one big thing in common.

Soul Sisters

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5 Reaction to Love scene on Season 7 finale

Well, as mentioned earlier, the incest wasn’t taken too kindly by some although many hearts fluttered at what appeared a romantic ending. One Twitter user was more outspoken about it.

Reaction to Love scene on Season 7 finale

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6 And another meme lampooning Jon Snow

Not everyone warmed to the last season finale of GOT. After all, didn’t Jon Snow know that was his aunt?? And somehow Daenerys doesn’t seem to be objecting too much now does she?

And another meme lampooning Jon Snow

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7 This one says it all

Finally Dany is pregnant as the meme says it all, what’s the harm in a little incest when you really can’t get a baby, wonder if it may turn out to be another dragon, who knows?? One twitterati replied “Haha, that six fingered baby will rule the world someday”

This one says it all

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8 Daenerys acting spoilt meme

Well not everytime can you shout at someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about who you are. This will definitely rile the great Targaryen fans now wont it?? Well there is something for everybody in every Game of Throne moment and we felt she shouldn’t be left out.

Daenerys acting spoilt meme

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9 Well even Samwell Tarly was not spared

And here’s what the twitterati had to say:
Cat on a bike: YESSSSS!!! While everybody thought he missed it.
Iva Sušická He missed it, but he remembered that he was rewriting it…
Max SchadenfreudeL: He rewrote the book she was reading from. Of course he heard it, he wrote it down

Well even Samwell Tarly was not spared

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10 Everyone hates the waiting

Among game of throne moments, don’t you just hate it when scenes in the show are prolonged unnecessary for more screen time? Well!! It’s a standard practice to make it go on and on and on….

Everyone hates the waiting

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