10 Of the Most Bizarre and Weirdest People Spotted travelling On Subways

Travelling on the subway to and from work may seem a mundane routine experience but every once in a way haven’t you been amused or entertained to see something weird, odd or downright funny? You will be amazed to know how many bizarre people can be seen riding on subways around the world. From men dressed like chickens to some carrying ducks and dogs in their bags and some totally mental. This is to remind you how weirdly interesting life can get sometimes when riding the tube because this list shows you 10 weird people seen on subways.

1 Man spends entire subway ride playing his violin for a crying baby

How amazing is that? Rather than allow people to get put off by the incessant bawling of the child, he decided to do something remarkable which ended up being music for everyone’s ears. Not just the baby but fellow passengers too might have been entertained.

Man playing his violin for a crying baby

Image Source: www.boredpanda.com

2 A girl and her raven

Now this seems really bizarre. This is a girl dressed in gothic fashion even sporting a real live raven perched on her knee as she sits in the subway. Now the size of raven is similar to that of a crow but this guy looks huge.

girl and her raven

Image Source: www.fanpage.gr

3 Seen in a Berlin Metro

In a Berlin metro, a person was clicked carrying a bag with Arabic inscription that read, “This text has no other purpose than to terrify those who are afraid of the Arabic language.”

Seen in a Berlin Metro

Image Source: www.tumblr.com

4 She is hiding something

Can you see the little furball hidden in her overcoat? The little one seems nicely snuggled up and enjoying the ride. Well, if people can carry ravens why not a cute little kitten.

Girl hiding cat in her coat

Image Source: www.kn3.net

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