10 Amazing and wonderful tree stump landscaping ideas for a beautiful garden

If you are organizing that much-desired garden party and are stumped for ideas of lawn and garden decor, don’t panic, as it could be as simple as doing some research into landscaping garden design for potential inspiration. Instead of calling a professional landscape artist that will cost you a fortune, there are many wonderful innovative ideas you can recreate in your garden with some hired help or a partner. If you go ahead with this then you’ll need some tools. You can hire them or you can visit https://www.mechanopedia.com to see which would be the best ones to buy. Use tree stumps for some fantastic decoration pieces by following these ten tree stump landscaping ideas which will make your garden atmosphere near magical.


1 If the stump is large enough, build a tree house

If your tree stump is quite large and strong enough then carve or simply build a mini treehouse on it. Decorate the treehouse with climber or creeper flowers. Remember to make sure you use high quality wood cladding to ensure that you get the very best quality of treehouse.

build a tree house

Image Source: www.architecturendesign.net

2 Make a glass top tree stump table

While having a garden or lawn party, use tree stumps fitted with glass tops as small tables. Use large dice seating which would give it a cool toyland effect.

Tree stump table

Image Source: www.architecturendesign.net

3 Convert your tree stump into a fairy house

Turn the tree stump into a cute fairy house. If you can get hold of some garden gnomes and little fairy statues, that would enhance the effect.

Convert your tree stump into a fairy house

Image Source: www.arouraios.gr

4 Tree stump outdoor lighting

Now this can actually create amazing ambience if done right. Use the tree stump for lighting ideas for a warm natural glow.

Tree stump outdoor lighting

Image Source: www.keif.mk

5 Make a bench form tree stumps

You may need to do a bit of work especially if tree stumps aren’t close to each other, but with the right motivation you can make some lovely outdoor benches with tree stumps.


bench form tree stumps

Image Source: www.architecturendesign.net


6 Individual seating ideas from tree stumps

You can be extremely creative with the tree stump landscaping ideas by building individual seating chairs like these.

Individual seating ideas from tree stumps

Image Source: www.arouraios.gr


7 Paint Tree Stumps and create garden art

Get some oil and wood paint and unleash your creativity on your tree stumps making it a colorful fixture for your garden.

Paint Tree Stumps and create garden art

Image Source: www.diaforetiko.gr

8 Convert the Tree Stump into a Planter

Hollow out the tree stumps and convert them into planters for flowers and shrubs.

Convert the Tree Stump into a Planter

Image Source: www.checkraka.com

9 Use thin tree stumps s large candle holders

On a sultry day when it’s not windy you can burn candles in your garden by using the tree stumps as candle holders. Alternately you can get electrical candles too.

Use thin tree stumps s large candle holders

Image Source: www.pinimg.com


10 Tree stump sculptures

Well, this is a fantastic tree stump landscaping idea but it will take some professional help of someone who knows how to use an electric chainsaw and with some knowledge of sculpting. Professional Landscapers certainly won’t need any inspiration when it comes to designing their gardens, but they certainly might need help in other areas. This could entail Tax Tips for Landscapers, courtesy of business software to assist accounting. This could almost prove as useful as these tree stump tips!

Tree stump sculptures

Image Source: www.estilopropriobysir.com


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