Worst celebrity lip augmentations that are no less than disasters

Although plastic surgeries can be helpful in a variety of medical conditions, but celebrities have been going under the knife to enhance their features. Most of these attempts failed miserably and the results are so botched up, that you may feel scared to even look at some of the pictures of these people. But, please see them, to learn from their mistakes, even if some of them are not learning from their own mistakes.


1 Donatella Versace

Versace for everyone, means style and elegance, but that sadly does not apply to the looks of the Designer, who has had some surgeries which have made her looking more of a nightmare, than portraying elegance at its best.

Donatella Versace

Image Source: www.twimg.com


2 Shauna Sand

Being a Playboy Mate and an Actress, meant that she always had to look prim and proper. But when did plump and swollen lips become an idea of being attractive? Well she believed she will look great, but look at what she has done to herself.

Shauna Sand

Image Source: www.luuux.com


3 Farrah Abraham

This 24 year old reality TV star is not new cosmetic surgeries. But, her lip augmentation gave her the shock of life, when a wrong filing made her upper lip 10 times bigger than her lower lip, making her look like a duck. She had to in fact take admission into the emergency room after her lips started to leak and look like that. But even now she has learnt nothing from that incident, as she is planning on some more surgeries.

Farrah Abraham

Image Source: www.andyouthot.com


4 Big Ang

Well, sorry for telling about her, but you need to see what disaster can such surgeries bring on humans. You may feel like its totally unnatural, and those lips are all but natural. But one thing is commendable, that unlike others, she is totally open about having gone under the knife, and unfortunately, she is not finished yet. Yes, she wants them more, and what can we say now.

Big Ang

Image Source: www.usmagazine.com


5 Amanda Lepore

Her tryst with surgeries is not limited to lip augmentations. She has gone for butt implants, botox, breast enhancement and a sex-change operation. Being a notable transgender public figure, she has done it all to look stunning, but with some disastrous effects. She claims that she has the most expensive body on earth, yes, but also the most unnatural one.

Amanda Lepore

Image Source: www.richestcelebrities.org


6 Nikki Cox

What do you have to say about a face with lips taking more than half of the face space? Well, can’t say much, after all, three filler injections would result in these horrendous looking lips. What really did she want, a full-blown smile covering up half her face.

Nikki Cox

Image Source: www.therichestimages.com


7 Michaela Romanini

This once beautiful Italian woman, has done this to herself, thanks to her addiction to lip injections. These lips look like more of an outgrowth on face than being a part of her face. One can learn how to ruin yourself up, by going through her pictures.

Michaela Romanini

Image Source: www.klimg.com


8 Katie Price

This is another celebrity whose lip job went horribly wrong. She is just too fond of cosmetic surgeries, gifting them to herself almost every year. How does she feel confident with those protruding lips begging for attention? What was the point of spoiling what made you look nice? Well, she will not understand as others who have gone through this and are contemplating to go for some more trails. These trials are mostly ending up being errors in so many cases.

Katie Price

Image Source: www.blogspot.com

These celebrities have an important lesson for us, we need to love what we have, if not prepared to hate yourself even more for having done this to yourself.


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