World’s Highest Paid Celebrities who make millions through their talent


We all have our list of favorite actors, athletes, singers, musicians, etc who we adore with all our hearts. Not only do these rocking celebs are blessed with great talent owing to which they have a massive fan following across the globe but they are also paid fat cheques the amount of which can go beyond your imagination. Yes, these celebrities make a lot of money and enjoy a lifestyle no less than that of the royals. These people are loved all over the world for their work, talent and their enormous capacity to keep the masses hooked. From handsome mansions to the most expensive cars and of course a hefty bank balance, they have it all! Here we arrest 8 of highest paid celebrities in the world who have money raining on them. Take a look!

1 Floyd Mayweather

The highest paid boxer on the planet ranks top on our list of the Highest Paid Celebrities in the World. His $300 million yearly income breaks all records when it comes to athlete earnings which was previously topped by Tiger Woods. Mayweather ‘s fight with Manny Pacquiao on May 2 crushed many financial records and is expected to gross at least $600 million. The boxer is also linked with endorsements from popular brands like Burger King, Hublot and FanDuel.

Floyd Mayweather

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