Why we love Richard Branson?

“Listen more than you talk. Nobody learned anything by hearing themselves speak.”Richard Branson


Richard Branson is known as a business Honcho, holding more than 400 businesses under the brand name ‘Virgin.’ But, in reality, he is an ostentatious personality, who takes part in a lot of backbreaking escapade contests. Branson started his business in the age of 15 and became a millionaire when he was 23.

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1 School days

Richard Branson was born as the eldest child in his family at Blackheath, London 18 July 1950. His father was a hard working solicitor, who had to make a great effort to meet the expenses of the family. Branson did his schooling at the Stowe School, and was sent out of the school since he demonstrated a weak performance in his academics due to myopia and dyslexia. At the end day of the school, the head, Robert Drayson told him that he would either get into the detention center or he would become a millionaire and Branson, choose the second one. Though he was weak in studies, he was captivated and involved in extracurricular activities, like cricket and football. At this juncture, he identified that his strength was connecting with people and schooling was not his podium.

School days

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2 Stepping into the Commercial Platform

His aspirations towards business began when he was 15 years old. He used to grow trees and raised pet parakeets. His parents were very supportive of his endeavors from his early age. At the age of 16 he established the glossy magazine “Student” on a nationwide basis in January, 1968. At the age of 17 he commenced a student counseling service. He also started his record business then, under the name ‘Virgin.’ His recording business earned him a lot of fame and money. “The Tubular Bells” was one of the famous recordings of this business. Virgin Music was listed in the 6th rank among the top recording companies of the world.

Stepping into the Commercial Platform

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3 Expansion of Business

After tasting success, Branson stepped into the travel industry. He aired Virgin Atlantic in the year 1984. By the year 1992, Virgin started to face the financial crisis. So, Branson had to sell off his record business for an amount of $1 billion to THORN EMI. Branson was taken aback by the loss, but still he did never give up. He established, ‘Virgin Radio’ in the year 1993, and founded V2, another music recording company in the year 1996. The Virgin group also acquired the Euro Belgian Airlines in 1996 and renamed it to Virgin Express.


The Virgin group now holds more than 400 companies in more than 30 countries. He has a train company, luxury game preserves, Mobile Phone company and the recent venture is the space tourism company –‘Virgin Galactic.’ This company plans to manufacture Aircrafts and make it available to the general public. The ticket is expected to be priced at $200,000.

Expansion of Business

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4 Fun Lover

Tony Fernandes(Owner of Air Asia) and Branson had a bet during the Formula F1 2010, where it was decided that the loser should work on the winner’s airline, dressed as an air hostess. Tony got the 10th position in the contest and Branson ended in the twelfth position and he kept his word and served as a stewardess in the Air Asia Flight, which flew between Perth and Kuala Lumpur on 12th May 2013.

Fun Lover

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5 Author

‘Losing My Virginity’ is a book authored by Richard Branson, which speaks about his life and his messages for the budding business persons. He has also written the books, ‘Like A Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School’ and ‘The Virgin Way: How to Listen, Learn, Laugh and Lead’, these books are considered as one of the best sellers.

My personal favorite: “Screw it, let’s do it” really motivated me to work hard and stay positive, no matter what.


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6 Why we really Love Richard Branson

Which Business Magnet on earth gives his staff UNLIMITED VACATION???

Never Give up Attitude – Though Branson had much success in the initial stages of starting his business, his whole earnings swept off when he entered into the Airlines industry. But he never gave up, and the resultant is, his airline is considered as one of the best in the industry.


Amazing Boss – The Virgin Atlantic had many disputes with the British Airways, where the British Airways played “Dirty Tricks” and finally the legal dispute ended up giving £500,000 and an extra of £110,000 to the airlines. Branson distributed this amount among all his staff. He listens to all his employees and does not ignore any of their suggestions and provides them with all benefits in the industry.

World Records –He always keeps on trying challenges and succeeds in it too. Branson travelled in a balloon from Japan to Arctic Canada, which is 6,700 miles, this turned out to be a world record.

World Record

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Humanitarian initiatives– Branson is the founding sponsor of ICMEC, which helps to find missing children. He also formed a new group, ‘The Elders’ with the support of Nelson Mandela to find peaceful solutions to the global problems.

Awards – He is recipient of the ISTA award for his contributions in the production of space transport systems in 2012. The British Empire awarded him the Knight Bachelor award for his entrepreneurial services.


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A greatest entrepreneur and multibillionaire of all time, saying a YES to every damn opportunity.
A guide, Mentor, Philosopher, ideal boss, magnificent personality, loving person is the Traits club of this life changer.

Richard Branson holds a wealth of £3,065 billion, making him one of the richest persons of the world. He is always open to challenges and is never satisfied in establishing businesses. His life is an example for anyone who is aspiring to become a billionaire.


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