When Talented Celebrities Ruin Their Careers…

Talent, beauty and success go together and the world simply can’t resist them. Those who possess these qualities are considered special and if they are lucky to be worldly famous they have status of gods or goddesses. They seem to have everything that one could ever want in life. There’s often one area where they fall short, though in sanity and self-discipline. Even though these people seem like they have it all – very often they abuse their money, fame, talent and success and end up miserable. Here’s the list of celebrities who deliberately destroyed their careers and lives.


1 Whitney Houston

When she married the nearly retired R&B star Bobby Brown in 1992, she signed her own downfall. With her drug dependency problems, it may not have been a good move being together with someone with substance abuse issues of his own. Through their tumultuous marriage, Whitney Houston’s drug abuse only became worse. Brown and Huston divorced in 2007, Huston was about to record a new album and her life seemed to be going well. Two years later she appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s show and gave an interview that was recognized as one of the most expected and outspoken. Huston admitted that her drug addiction became all-absorbing after the thundering success of The Bodyguard in 1992. Her world tour of 2010, entitled the Nothing but Love World Tour, didn’t salvage her career, as many believed so. Her fans were disappointed at the performance and the quality of her voice and she received numerous negative responses from critics. While she did go through rehab, she never overcame her habit entirely. In 2012, under the simultaneous influence of cocaine, marijuana and other drugs, she drowned in her bathtub. Whitney Huston is one of the world’s best-selling singers with more than 200 million records sold over the years.

Whitney Houston

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2 Michael Jackson

The King of Pop was the biggest name in popular music worldwide for years. For whatever reason, though, the star adopted a stranger and stranger lifestyle over time. With multiple cosmetic surgeries, a love of spending time with children, prescription drug abuse, and an out-of-control shopping habit, the star’s life gradually came apart. He was married two times and both his marriages were unhappy and short-lived. In 2003 his reputation and name was tarnished, after the releasing of a documentary film Living with Michael Jackson. The film revealed the most scandalous details of his life including sleeping arrangements with a young boy. After the criminal investigation Jackson was arrested. During numerous court cases Jackson lost his fortune and was unable to cover even the most basic charges. The star burned through most of his money and his goodwill with his fans by the time he passed away in June 2009.

Michael Jackson

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3 Tiger Woods

Until November 2009 Tiger Woods was the perfect role model. He was the most talented golf player in the world, a family man and above all successful sportsman. The star’s life came apart in a spectacular fashion, though, when tabloid newspapers in 2009 released all kinds of evidence of his repeated extramarital affairs.With his reputation destroyed, many of his biggest commercial sponsors withdrew their support. His wife divorced him too and achieved full custody of their children. He decided to withdraw temporarily from golf and enter therapy. He has since taken significant steps towards making a comeback. In 2013 Woods made a statement that he’s dating professional alpine ski racer Lindcey Vonn. They’ve been close friends for a long time but over the last few months their relationship has developed into something bigger.

Tiger Woods

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4 Lindsay Lohan

She started her professional life as a gifted actress and then as a singer. Unfortunately, as it happens with many child stars, Lohan wasn’t able to take the pressure of stardom. Somewhere along the way, she began to go off the rails with terrible drug and alcohol problems. She has been under arrest many times and has been fired from movies. Even though she had a promising career it has been sadly wasted. All in all, she has undergone 250 days of rehab since 2007, she has faced 20 court cases before four judges and she has performed about 70 days of community service.

Lindsay Lohan

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5 Macaulay Culkin

The boy who charmed people around the world with his acting in Home Alone and The Good Son didn’t have so much success when he grow up. He didn’t seem to try to salvage his career at all. He got married at 17, used drugs and only acted occasionally. He was influenced a lot by the legal issues of his parents who were never married. When their relationship collapsed, however, they started fighting over the custody of their children and Culkin’s fortune. At the age of 16 a young star made a statement that he wouldn’t accept any roles until his parents settle the conflict. That was a crucial moment in his career as he hasn’t acted in any successful film since that time. His personal life wasn’t successful either. His first marriage collapsed in two years and his long-lasting relationship with Mila Kunis came to end after 8 years together. While Culkin is incredibly talented, he simply didn’t appear to have the self-control that one needs to make something of oneself. Maybe he will come back to the big screen some day.

Macaulay Culkin

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