12 Celebrity facts that you will be shocked to know

Celebs have a very charmed and interesting lifestyle and past and some of the things are kept well hidden from public knowledge. We have for you facts about 12 such celebrities that are sure to give you goosebumps and make you giggle at the same time. So enjoy this article and share some of your own facts in the comments.


1 Vin Diesel’s first acting experience

Vin Diesel is a massive name in Hollywood, best known for starring in the globally popular Fast and Furious movies. His newest movie, made by the media and entertainment company DMG Entertainment, is called Bloodshot and you can check out the DMG Facebook page for the latest updates on the DVD release and other projects. However, Vin Diesel was much younger than you might think when he started acting for the first time.

When Vin Diesel was 7 years old, he and his brother along with some friends broke into a NYC theatre to have fun and vandalize it. The manager of the theatre caught them, but instead of calling the cops, he offered Diesel and his brother parts in an upcoming play. This gave Diesel his first chance at acting.

Vin Diesel's first acting experience

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2 Rap battle in cafeteria

Rappers Busta Rhymes and Jay-Z went to the same school and both showed their talent at a very young age. Rhymes competed against Jay-Z in a rap battle in cafeteria one day and lost to him as he was out of his breath before finishing his rap.

Rap battle in cafeteria

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3 Abraham Lincoln’s famous relatives

It is unbelievable when it comes to how you can find who you are related to thanks to the internet. People who work at the Ancestry recently found out that George Clooney is President Abraham Lincoln’s half-first cousin, five times removed. This is so because he is related to Lucy Hanks who was the maternal grandmother of Abraham Lincoln. Another famous relative of Lincoln is actor Tom Hanks. Tom Hanks is related to Nancy Hanks who was the mother of President Lincoln and it makes him Lincoln’s third cousin, four times removed.

Abraham Lincoln's famous relatives

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4 Mark Wahlberg has a criminal past

Mark Wahlberg has had a pretty rough childhood and teenage. He developed cocaine addiction by the age of 13 and when he was 16, he was charged with attempted murder, spending 45 days in prison when he punched and beat a Vietnamese man to almost death.

Mark Wahlberg has a criminal past

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5 James Bond wore a Toupe

James Bond is an international spy character created by real life spy and author Ian Fleming. His novels about the James bond character have been turned into movies that have become one of the most iconic movies in cinema’s history. One of the most popular actors to play James Bond was Sean Connery and funnily enough, Connery had to wear wigs during the filming of his James Bond movies because he was going bald at the age of 21.

James Bond wore a Toupe

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6 What’s common between Brad Pitt and a chicken

Every actor has a story about their first jobs ever when they were trying to make it big in Hollywood and Brad Pitt has a very interesting first job to tell us. He worked as an attraction wearing a chicken suit for an El Pollo Loco restaurant in Sunset Boulevard. He also worked driving strippers in a limo and moving refrigerators while trying to hit it big in Hollywood.

What's common between Brad Pitt and a chicken

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7 Mr. Bean is a genius, literally

Mr. Bean is a highly loved character thanks to his simplicity and entertaining antics. He is played by renowned British actor Rowan Atkinson. Atkinson studied at the Queen’s College, Oxford for his MSc in 1975 and has a degree in electrical Engineering.

Mr. Bean is a genius

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8 Aston Kutcher’s girlfriend was murdered

Aston Kutcher who is famous for being a terrible actor and former husband of Demi Moore has a sad past. His girlfriend during his early years was unfortunately murdered by a serial killer, He went to meet her after spending time with his friends and when no one answered the door, he assumed that she was mad at him, but in the morning, her roommate found her body and when the police arrested the killer, he confessed having killing 10 other women including Kutcher’s girlfriend.

Aston Kutcher's girlfriend was murdered

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9 Freddie Mercury’s heritage

Everyone knows who the rock band Queen is and therefore is familiar with the body of work of its front man Freddie Mercury. Mercury wrote some of the most enchanting songs for the band and sang them equally well. Unfortunately, he died in 1991 due to AIDS related complications. What many people don’t know is that He was born Farokh Bulsara, to Indian parents in Tanzania in 1946. He was Indian and his parents were from the Parsee community from India and he was very proud of his heritage.

Freddie Mercury's heritage

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10 Ken Jeong’s other career

Not many know that the small Asian dude from TV show Community and the Hangover series of movies, Ken Jeong is actually a trained medical doctor. Both he and his wife are doctors and practiced medicine together. He was inspired to take up acting after he was offered a role in Hangover movie and his wife was diagnosed with cancer.

Ken Jeong's other career

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11 Sad Keanu

Keanu Reeves is known for the Sad Keanu meme which shows him sitting on a bench and eating a sandwich all alone. What many people don’t know is that Keanu has been through really sad times. His sister fought with leukemia for more than 10 years before succumbing to the disease. His girlfriend at the time gave birth to a still born daughter after a full term pregnancy and 18 months later, she was killed in a car crash. Keanu focused his mind of his acting career to overcome depression and even gives away 90% of his earnings to his cancer charity.

Sad Keanu

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12 Painful past of Oprah

Oprah Winfrey is a celebrated actress and TV host who managed to become famous through sheer hard work and a painful past. He was sexually abused by her uncle, cousin and a family friend and she ran away from her home when she was 13. She also gave birth to a son who died due to premature delivery. Her family didn’t believe her when she discussed this at the age of 24 and she worked hard to become the first ever African-American billionaire in the world.

Painful past of Oprah

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