Top 7 Most Famous Authors of All Time

To read is to travel to strangest places, meet amazing and thrilling characters and get lost for a while. Reading can help you learn new things; can help you realize that you are not alone and for sure can make you feel like you know the author personally. Some of the authors who wrote those classics we are still reading today, have dedicated their entire lives on writing and hoping that they would get published. Not all of them were popular like they are today, nor rich or published as they hoped to be. The following list will present you the names of some of the most famous Authors of all time.

#1. William Shakespeare

Of course he took the first place on this list. The author of some of the timeless titles like “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”, “Lady Macbeth” is still a favorite read to many people even after 5 centuries after his death. His words are still very much alive and still true in most segments of life. Some people lately are spreading odd theories like those that he never actually existed, or that a member of the royal family wrote everything under the pseudonym of Shakespeare. However, his plays are as good as new.

William Shakespeare
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