Top 15 Celebrities with Bad Breath


There are a few things that are much worse than a bad breath, but for sure the lack of mouth hygiene would make people get away from you in no time. If you thought that only the mere mortals were struggling with this problem then take a look of the following list of some of the most famous celebrity with Bad Breath whose breath was smelly and disgusting. Of course, these are all just rumors, but where is a smoke there’s a fire.

1 Beyonce

You could never imagine that this talented diva would have a problem with her breath, right? She’s always impeccably dressed up from head to toes, but a rumor has it that her breath is just terrible.

1. Beyonce

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2Princess Diana

Lady Di suffered from bulimia (she was stuffing herself with food which later she was forcing herself to vomit it). People close to her were speaking that she was obsessed with gaining weight and she didn’t want to even use tooth paste.

2. Princess Diana

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3P Diddy

The correct description of his bad breath was “warm dumpster juice”. Disgusting.

3. P Diddy

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4Lamar Odom

The basketball player who is now divorcing his wife, Khloe Kardashian is one of the people with bad breath. On the show, Kim says to her sister that she can barely stand to hug Lamar because his breath stinks.

4. Lamar Odom

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5Angelina Jolie

Hard to believe that this gorgeous actress has a bad breath, but she is also on the list.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

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6Jennifer Aniston

Seems that Brad Pitt wasn’t so lucky with his previous wife too.

6. Jennifer Aniston

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7Ben Affleck

Apparently he suffers from “appalling halitosis”. Sandra Bullock gave him a ton of mints while they were filming their movie “Force of Nature”.

7. Ben Affleck

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8Busta Rhimes

This musician is known to have terrible breath. But besides that thing, he tends to spit when he talks, say people who ever had that disgrace to be near him.

Busta Rhimes

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9Britney Spears

The pop princess is another rich and famous who has terrible breath. But, after all those tough years, her marriage with Kelvin Federline, two kids and a terrible break down, probably miss Spears has other things to worry over, instead of her mouth hygiene.

Britney Spears

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10Clark Gable

It is known that Clark Gable wore fake teeth that back in time were glued with special glue to his teeth. He also was a heavy smoker and liked his liquor. That combination led to his terrible breath. There was a rumor in Hollywood that Vivien Leigh, his co-star from Gone with the Wind really hated their kissing scenes only because of his terrible breath.

Clark Gable

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11George Washington

The famous American president was wearing fake teeth too. But even though it is an urban legend that his fake teeth were made out of ivory, human and donkey teeth as well as from wood, that legend is not true. By the time he became a president he had only lost one tooth. From certain photos of his teeth he was covering them with yellow plaque. That was causing his breath to be really smelly.

George Washington

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12Winston Churchill

He was a heavy smoker. He used to smoke more than ten cigars a day and when you tend to smoke so much you really can’t have a fresh breath.

Winston Churchill

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13Robert Pattinson

You never imagined the most famous vampire to get on this list, right? Well apparently this actor is another smelly Hollywood guy. He alone had admitted that he wasn’t very careful about his personal hygiene, because as he said, he had no time for showers and brushing his teeth among his busy filming and interview giving schedule.

Robert Pattinson

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14Jessica Simpson

This lady had admitted that sometimes she is too lazy to brush her teeth more than 3 times a week. Instead she said just “polishes” them with a towel and uses floss and mouth wash every day. Still, a brush is a brush and Jessica.

Jessica Simpson

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This reality star from the “Jersey Shore” is also known as the girl with really poor hygiene habits. There are rumors going around that beside her terrible breath, she barely uses shower nor uses deodorants or other hygiene products.


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