Top 6 Insane Movie Stars

Hollywood can be really glamorous and pretty, and you may get the idea that everything and everyone in there are perfect. The media makes sure to present every movie star, actors, singers and reality stars as the best human beings on this planet. But very often, things are not as rosy as they seem to appear on TV or on the big screen. Some of the movie stars have terrible temper, their own inner fights, are bad with their co-workers and simply act like divas. And when we say ‘insane’ we don’t mean to say that as an insult. The following list has the names of some famous insane movie stars who actually have a diagnosis from a psychiatrist.

#1. Joaquin Phoenix

In February 2009 Joaquin appeared on Late Show with David Letterman looking like one of the Geico cavemen, with an announcement that he was retiring from acting to pursue a hip-hop career. The formal truth was that he and Casey Affleck were part of a mockumentary they were filming called I’m Not Here. Even though that was true, most people know better because Joaquin had a history of alcoholism and was prone to behavior that was classified as eccentric at best.

Joaquin Phoenix
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