Top 5 Most Annoying Celebrities


Every year there is a group of celebrities that is annoying and just a pain. It is pretty obvious by seeing them on the news and magazines doing things unbecoming of adults. Who would be worthy of the top 5 most annoying celebrities? We are going to take look at the most annoying celebrities of 2014.

1. Justin Bieber

This Canadian Singer, Songwriter, dancer and actor gets so much over-exposure you get tired of seeing him on the television. Even his songs start to rub you the wrong way. Justin Bieber has been so over-exposed due to his extracurricular activities, people have petitioned to have him deported back to Canada. One of the things placing this celebrity in the hot spot was snapping nude, or maybe nude, “selfies” of his self and posting them on Instagram. Since Justin Bieber has fans that are underage. With his most recent incident where the cops were called to his Beverly Hills condo for a noise complaint, this just places him at the top of the most annoying celebrities list.
Justin Bieber
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