Top 5 celebrity mega buys

Having money is other thing and living the life of dreams using that money is a total different scenario. These people are buying the things even a country will think twice before doing so….


#1. $100 Million Dollar Jet

We all know that jet planes are expensive, but $100 Million dollar gold plated everything jet is a little insane, landing Donald Trump as the number one celebrity mega buyer. The 24-carat gold plated jet plane has room for 230 passengers and even has a 52-inch flat screen. It is twice as large as his original jet plane, a Boeing 727 and even the belt buckles are made of 24-carat gold. The Boeing 757 was purchased from Paul Allen, the Co-Founder for Microsoft and is colored in a favored color of Donald Trump, black and gold.

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#2. $4 Million Dollars on Private Island

Everyone dreams of having their own private island, especially one in the Bahamas! Courtesy of Beyoncé’s husband, Jay-Z and Beyoncé now have their own private island to get away to when life gets to be too much. This little family now has a permanent vacation island to get to when they just want to get away from the press, relax, or just have a family vacation. All the proper channels were gone through for the purchase of this island in the Bahamas so it truly is owned by the Jay-Z and Beyoncé family. Blue Ivy will always have an awesome summer.

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#3. $2 Million Dollar Humidifier

Who would have ever thought a humidifier could even cost two million dollars, but apparently there is one out there. Singer Celine Dion purchased a two million dollar humidifier to protect her voice while she is at home and abroad. She claims it is to protect her voice so it is always in tiptop shape. If you ask me, I think she could have spent a little bit less and still gotten the same quality, but some celebrities over pamper themselves. This put Celine Dion close to the top of the Celebrity Mega Buys.

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#4. $1 Million Dollar Mom Van

Being a mom always entails getting a bigger and safer vehicle. How about a custom Mercedes “Mom Van” including a full bathroom with a shower? Let’s not forget about the $150,000 audio system and the fact the “Mom Van” is fully Wi-Fi capable? That just sounds like an incredibly insane purchase just for a “Mom Van” but Beyoncé found this to be the optimal choice for baby, Blue Ivy. Beyoncé and Jay-Z purchased a Mercedes “Mom Van” with all of the luxuries listed above. With a full bathroom, a shower, and Wi-Fi capabilities you could almost live in something that luxurious, only it is a van.

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#5. $50,000 Ghost Detector

We all know how many people believe in ghosts and apparently so do celebrities. This celebrity purchased a $50,000 ghost detector because she fears there is a ghost named “Ryan” after her. Believing in the paranormal is one thing, but this outrageous mega buy was something she could carry around because she truly is terrified ghost is out to get her. Maybe she should have called ghost busters but I think she has the money to do such a thing. This celebrity is none other than Lady Gaga. Watch out Lady Gaga the meter might move!

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