Top 5 celebrity mega buys

Having money is other thing and living the life of dreams using that money is a total different scenario. These people are buying the things even a country will think twice before doing so….

#1. $100 Million Dollar Jet

We all know that jet planes are expensive, but $100 Million dollar gold plated everything jet is a little insane, landing Donald Trump as the number one celebrity mega buyer. The 24-carat gold plated jet plane has room for 230 passengers and even has a 52-inch flat screen. It is twice as large as his original jet plane, a Boeing 727 and even the belt buckles are made of 24-carat gold. The Boeing 757 was purchased from Paul Allen, the Co-Founder for Microsoft and is colored in a favored color of Donald Trump, black and gold.

1. $100 Million Dollar JetImage Source :

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