Top 5 Celebrity Inventors

What Michael Jackson, Howard Hughies and Marlon Brand have in common? First thing that comes to your mind is that they were Americans who were celebrity in different areas like music, art and movies. That can be only one way to look on it. Some of the most famous movie stars, musicians and presidents were also inventors who created really incredibly smart and useful things. You would be surprised to read some of the following Celebrity Inventors came out from such famous names.

#1. Michael Jackson: anti-gravity shoes

If you remember the video for Smooth Criminal and the part where Michael and the dancers in the back are leaning forward so low (45 degree angle) you couldn’t help but think they were tied up with invisible ropes. Maybe for the video. But he also had live performance where he and the dancers were doing the exact same movement. Michael solved the problem with the help of two designs and developed a “method and means for creating anti-gravity illusion” patent for a shoe. The normal looking loafer has a strap around the ankle to secure it the dancer’s foot with a heel that has a secret slot that locks into a small post on stage. The rest is a history. While they were dancing small post from the stage would have popped up and they would have slot in these things in their heels. Easy like that. Still don’t believe? Check any of the live performances on YouTube.

Michael Jackson anti-gravity shoes

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