Top 10 Worst Dictators In The World

The most famous dictators in the world were once simple people with dreams and aspirations. They were charismatic leaders of their people and political parties and then something happened – they wrote history of horror, despair, deaths, destroyed destinies of thousands of people around the world. Here are some of the most outrageous and most dangerous dictators during the history of human kind.

#1. Dracula

His name was Count Vlad the Third. He lived in Transylvania, today’s Romania, and is probably best known as an inspiration of the most famous vampire of today. But the truth about him was much worse than a few bites on the neck. He was such a brutal ruler. The prisoners during his time were executed in terrible ways, like being pressed on a stick; let their blood drain while wild beasts were gathering around them. It was believed that Vlad personally liked to drink human’s blood.
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