Top 10 hottest Television reporters in 2015

A news show can achieve great ratings if the news anchoring is done by beautiful, attractive and intelligent women. As the competition on TV is immensely fierce, TV channels hire women with great looks, amazing personalities and excellent communication skills to grab the attention of the viewers and also to retain that attention for a longer duration of time. This is the main reason why popular news channels right from CNN to ESPN are filled with many sizzling divas and hot anchors.

Continue reading to know about the top ten hottest television reporters of the world.

1 Yanet Garcia

Yanet Garcia is from Monterrey, Mexico and is currently working as a weather reporter. This 24-year-old lady is recognized all over the world for her good looks, excellent personality and a curvy figure. She is an internet sensation as she is compared to Kim Kardarshian in terms of her looks. Yanet is not only the hottest television reporter in the world but is also considered as one of the sexiest women of the universe.

Yanet Garcia

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