Top 10 Game of Thrones actors who have become movie stars


Game of Thrones, HBO’s most successful fantasy series is widely popular worldwide for its story, its cinematography, its well-choreographed action, exotic sound effects, and it’s extremely talented actors. Now it does not come as a surprise that the show’s most popular actors are getting attention from Hollywood’s top studios and are getting to star in feature films.

Here are top 10 Game of Thrones actors who have gotten the best career lift after doing the show.

1 Emelia Clarke

Emelia Clarke is one of the most popular and highly paid actresses of the show. She is also the one, who has got the biggest roles in films this year, out of all the actors of the popular drama series. Her role as Sarah Conner in the film “Terminator Genisys”, was loved by her fans across the world. She has also starred in a romantic supernatural thriller, “Voice from the Stone” where she portrays the role of a nurse. Her most recent film project is “Me Before You” which will release in June 2016.

Emelia Clarke

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2 Sophie Turner

Sophie Turner is a young and highly talented English actress, known for her role as Sansa Stark. She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress at the Young Artists Awards. It was her talent and acting skills which gave her a chance to make a debut in films. She has starred in the ninth installment of the X-Men Series (X-Men: Apocalypse) which will surely be the biggest summer blockbuster of next year. Sophie also plays the title character in the film “Mary Shelley’s Monster”, which will also release next year.

Sophie Turner

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3 Nathalie Dormer

The 33-year-old English actress, Natalie Dormer is well known for her roles as Margaery Tyrell (Game of Thrones) and Anne Boleyn (The Tudors). She made her debut in films in 2014 with the movie “The Hunger Games:

Mockingjay – Part 1”. She continues with her portrayal of Cressida in the final installment of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay which is going to release this year. She has just finished filming a horror movie named “The Forest” which will release in January 2016.

Nathalie Dormer

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4 Lena Headey

Lena Headey made her debut in the entertainment industry at the age of 17 and played supporting roles in films throughout the 1990s. She portrayed the lead role in a political thriller film named “Zipper” which released in August this year. She has finished shooting for the movie “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies”, which will release next February.

Lena Headey

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5 Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage is an American actor and is well known for his excellent comic timing. He has appeared in many movies in the past. Recently, he also appeared in Adam Sandler’s comedy flick “Pixels” this year. He has finished filming “Michelle Darnell” and has also been cast to give his voice in an animated movie “Angry Birds”. Both these movies will release in 2016.

Peter Dinklage

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6 Aiden Gillen

Irish actor Aiden Gillen portrays the lead role in the second part of the successful sci-fi action flick “Maze Runner.” He is currently filming for the movie, “Knights of the Roundtable: King Arthur.” This movie is slated to release in July 2016.

Aiden Gillen

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7 Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams is a young and dynamic English actress who gives her best in any role she portrays. The actress recently appeared in the movie “The Falling” which released in April this year. She has recently also finished filming “The Devil and The Dee Blue Sea” which will release in 2016.

Maisie Williams

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8 Kit Harrington

The most recent film of the English actor Kit Harrington was “Spooks”, which released in May this year. Though the film did not do well, but Kit’s role was highly appreciated. Currently, he is shooting for the film “Brimstone” which is slated to release in 2016.

Kit Harrington

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9 Carice Van Houten

Carice Van Houten is currently starring and acting in a film called “Race”. This movie will release in 2016. Apart from “Race,” she is also acting in the movie “Brimstone” which will release in 2016.

Carice Van Houten

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10 Nikolaj Coster

Nikolaj Coster is a Danish actor, screenwriter, and producer. He is currently filming a movie “Gods of Egypt” which will release in April 2016. Previously, he has played several supporting roles in different films but got fame and popularity from the Game of Thrones.

The immense popularity of the show has changed the lives of these actors. Now, there is certainly no looking back for all of them.

Nikolaj Coster

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