Top 10 Game of Thrones actors who have become movie stars


Game of Thrones, HBO’s most successful fantasy series is widely popular worldwide for its story, its cinematography, its well-choreographed action, exotic sound effects, and it’s extremely talented actors. Now it does not come as a surprise that the show’s most popular actors are getting attention from Hollywood’s top studios and are getting to star in feature films.

Here are top 10 Game of Thrones actors who have gotten the best career lift after doing the show.

1 Emelia Clarke

Emelia Clarke is one of the most popular and highly paid actresses of the show. She is also the one, who has got the biggest roles in films this year, out of all the actors of the popular drama series. Her role as Sarah Conner in the film “Terminator Genisys”, was loved by her fans across the world. She has also starred in a romantic supernatural thriller, “Voice from the Stone” where she portrays the role of a nurse. Her most recent film project is “Me Before You” which will release in June 2016.

Emelia Clarke

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