Top 10 celebs who have battled skin cancer


Out of all the different diseases, skin cancer is the most common one all over the United States. Not only has it destroyed several lives but has also been considered as one of the most scary diseases of all times. But that surely doesn’t mean that you can’t battle skin cancer. These 10 Hollywood celebrities have broken all norms and have survived cancer like brave warriors. Find out who they are right here!

1 Hugh Jackman

One of the most phenomenal actors in Hollywood, Hugh Jackman had attended the premiere of his film X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 with his nose bandaged. When asked about it, the star claimed that he had gone through a recent treatment due to skin cancer. Apparently that was not the first time he suffered with this. Jackman’s first signs showed up back in 2013. However the star has battled with it successfully and is now living a normal life.

Hugh Jackman

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2 Jennifer Morrison

Another famous star who had to suffer with skin cancer was Jennifer Morrison. Now this celeb stars in famous TV show Once Upon a Time and had confessed to her fans that skin cancer happened to her quite recently and definitely stole some of her happiness. She suffered with the deadliest condition in skin cancer which is known as melanoma. The star admits that that she had seven scars after removing the moles which is why she requests her fans to get them checked daily.

Jennifer Morrison

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3 Michelle Monaghan

She has battled skin cancer and come out of it victoriously. The star admits that back in her home country in Australia, people do have a good idea about skin cancer. She is however doing much better now and insists to her audience to keep a check on their skin. She gives credit to her husband for the diagnosis as he was adamant about getting a mole checked, and as it turned out, it was cancer indeed. But she got it treated and is healthy now.

Michelle Monaghan

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4 Elizabeth Taylor

Although famous Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor is no more here with us, the star did tell us about her skin cancer back in 2002 and that she had successfully battled it. Skin cancer was not the reason for her death and she was free of it at the end of therapy.

Elizabeth Taylor

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5 Diane Keaton

The famous star from movie Annie Hall apparently suffered with skin cancer at the mere age of 21. She had to get a huge cell removed directly from her face. The star said that she made a huge mistake by never wearing sun block and now she makes sure all her favorite lotions and products are there in her bag right before she steps out

Diane Keaton

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6 Anderson Cooper

This guy is not a Hollywood celebrity but he certainly is an inspiration to us all. Back in 2008, famous journalist Anderson Cooper had announced in his blog that he had skin cancer located right under his left eye and that he had got it removed immediately. It was apparently due to too much sun exposure.

Anderson Cooper

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7 Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith who happens to be another Hollywood actress, spoke up in 2009 about her condition. The star also spoke about going through surgery during the early stages of skin cancer and how she had to remove the tumor layer in order to get back to normal.

Melanie Griffith

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8 Ewan McGregor

Celebrity and star Ewan McGregor told BBC that he had to get a cancerous mole removed right below his right eye. He also said that the doctor had got it removed from spotting several other suspicious moles. He also had to give up cigarettes and alcohol in order to go back to living a normal life.

Ewan McGregor

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9 Troy Aikman

Troy Aikman suffered from cancer back in 1998 and got a mole removed immediately. Again in 2014, he raised awareness for skin cancer at the Cowboys season. He also offered free screenings for normal people. That was indeed very kind of him.

Troy Aikman

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10 Laura Bush

Finally it was the former First Lady who suffered from cancer. The political leader had to remove a layer of tumor from her body several years back. Her cancer however was non melanoma. Also known as squamous cell carcinoma, the signs of it were quite scary. Apparently she saw a growing bump and a few reddish patches on her face before getting it treated.

Laura Bush

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