Top 10 celebs who have battled skin cancer

Out of all the different diseases, skin cancer is the most common one all over the United States. Not only has it destroyed several lives but has also been considered as one of the most scary diseases of all times. But that surely doesn’t mean that you can’t battle skin cancer. These 10 Hollywood celebrities have broken all norms and have survived cancer like brave warriors. Find out who they are right here!

1 Hugh Jackman

One of the most phenomenal actors in Hollywood, Hugh Jackman had attended the premiere of his film X-Men: Days of Future Past in 2014 with his nose bandaged. When asked about it, the star claimed that he had gone through a recent treatment due to skin cancer. Apparently that was not the first time he suffered with this. Jackman’s first signs showed up back in 2013. However the star has battled with it successfully and is now living a normal life.

Hugh Jackman

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