Top 10 celebrity who loss their weight shockingly


Here are the stories of 10 celebrities who had to go through vigorous training and weight loss methods to maintain their bodies for different roles they were hired for. Not only can this be life threatening it can be downright frustrating to say the least. Imagine yourself when you have had to diet just to fit that special dress for the upcoming party you were invited to. These celebrities, are constantly in the spotlight and have to adjust their personal lives accordingly. Here are their stories.

1 Jennifer Hudson

Ms. Jennifer Hudson, who vows by the acclaimed Weight Watchers system and even was a spokeswoman for them in several of their commercials, lost an incredible amount of weight to play Nelson Mandela’s wife in the movie Winnie. She went from a size 16 to a petite 6. Working out vigorously and cutting back on calories using Weight Watchers successful system with thousands of dieters she sure looked fantastic in that movie.

Jennifer Hudson

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