After Being Told By KFC That He Was No Good, He Went On To Become the Richest Man in China

You might have heard several rags to riches stories but while western countries provide a certain amount of scope for many to do well, it isn’t the same with countries in Asia. This is the true rags to riches story of one man who fought against several odds, poverty being one to become the richest man in China. While that might sound as no big deal, the man isn’t just someone who has become a billionaire; he is a charming personality and a good human being too.

1The man who rose from rags to riches

If you have heard of the wholesale e-commerce portal, then this is the story of its founder Jack Ma who is worth $25 billion and the richest man in China. Incidentally, the IPO of turned out to be the biggest in history.

Jack Ma

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2MA grew up in a poverty-stricken family

MA was born in Hangzhou China on October 15th, 1964. He grew up in a family with two siblings an older brother and a younger sister. It was a time when China was isolated from the West and just progressing as a nation. Ma’s family was poverty-stricken like countless of others during the Mao regime. There was barely enough money to eat.

MA grew up in a poverty-stricken family

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3A scrawny kid in school

MA was a scrawny kid in school as you can guess from his pictures. He was often bullied and always got into fights but he says he fought back and never felt put down. “I was never afraid of opponents who were bigger than I,” he recalls.

scrawny kid in school

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4He loved collecting crickets as a child

As a child he loved collecting crickets and could tell the differences between different species just from the sounds they made. In rural China, Cricket fighting is a common and popular sport and children are often seen wandering i8n the evening trying to spot a fighting cricket identified by its distinct sound.

He loved collecting crickets as a child

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